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Troop 101 Honor Guard


To provide a good example of proper flag handling, flag etiquette, and flag presentation to members of the troop and the community as well as provide a service to the Scouting program and the community.


Members are selected based on drill performance, appearance and rank. There shall be three designations within the Honor Guard:

Members - 6-8 regular members who make up the actual Honor Guard and meet all membership criteria.

Buglers - Scouts who meet the regular criteria plus pass a test where they successfully play "to the colors," "Retreat" and "Taps".  Whenever a bugler is needed, this is their first obligation; otherwise they may serve as a regular member of the Honor Guard.

Trainees - those Scouts aspiring to membership in the Honor Guard.  They drill and practice with the regular members.

  • There may be an unlimited number of Bugler and Trainees.

  • Members must be First Class.There is no rank requirement for Buglers or Trainees.

  • Membership shall be voluntary, but upon accepting a position, each member must serve for one year.At the end of the year the member shall be given the option to sign up for another year or drop out.


  • Honor Guard uniforms shall be consistent with the BSA Uniform Insignia Control Guide.

  • Honor Guard will be required to wear a Troop 101 neckerchief and slide and a merit badge sash.

  • Medals are permitted and encouraged.

  • No plastic patch holders.

  • Exemplary patch placement is required.

  • Future uniforming plans include a special neckerchief slide and red white and blue piping around the neckerchiefs.

  • Dressier brown or black shoes should be worn.No tennis shoes.

  • The shirt shall always be short sleeve.Both long and short pants with long socks shall be required with the captain specifying which is appropriate for each ceremony.

  • The Honor Guard quartermaster shall provide Red berets and white gloves for each ceremony.

  • Members failing to score at least 95% for a performance will be subject to disciplinary action.


Captain - elected every six months by a majority vote of the membership.  The adviser counts the ballots in the presence of another non-member witness. The adviser shall have the tie-breaking vote.

Assistant - appointed by the Captain, fills in whenever the Captain is unavailable.

Quartermaster - appointed by the Captain, is responsible for the care, cleaning and distribution of berets and gloves for all ceremonies and practices as required.  Also responsible for the care and provision of flags, poles, stands and flag cinches, as required.

Scribe - appointed by the Captain, is responsible for attendance records, log book, calendar and disciplinary notifications.

Adviser - appointed by the Scoutmaster, is responsible to oversee all the actions of the Honor Guard and ensure their compliance with Honor Guard policy.  He serves as a resource for all Honor Guard needs.


The Honor Guard is required to hold a practice at least once each month.  They should review drill procedures, raising and lowering a flag from a pole, and presenting and retreating flags from a ceremony, such as a Court of Honor and the flag burning ceremony.  Buglers should demonstrate all calls.  Uniform inspections should be held at these practices, as necessary, to ensure that all members are in compliance with the uniform policies. Trainees attend practices, just like regular members.

Service Hours & Leadership

One service hour per month will be given to each member who attends the practices and any scheduled performances during that month.  The Captain shall receive Leadership credit as a Troop Instructor, subject to the performance of his duties.


One point is awarded for every practice and one for every performance.  The Scribe reports points at the first of every month.At any time in a six-month period a member's points drop below 50%, he is automatically on probation.  A member that is on probation more than twice in a six-month period is dismissed from the Honor Guard.  Members subject to dismissal may appeal for special consideration at the monthly practice meetings.


Requests for performances shall be subject to a vote at the first troop meeting or activity or Honor Guard practice or activity following the request.The decision to contact those members not present at the time of voting is left up to the captain.

The Captain shall be required to report the names of those participating in a particular performance to the adviser at least one week prior to the performance.