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Troop 101 Fundraising Goal
$222,480.25 Received
$1,500.00 Pledged
$200,000.00 of $200,000.00
PHASE 1: $1,500.00 Pledged - $222,480.25 Received
$223,980.25 of $200,000.00
Phase 2 Goal - Interior Needs & Landscaping
Phase 2 is intended to cover costs for the neat stuff inside the building, as well as landscaping
$222,480.25 Received
$1,500.00 Pledged
$23,980.25 of $40,000.00
$23,980.25 of $40,000.00

Troop 101 Building Project Initiative

Where We Are Going

There have been many changes at the Elks Club in recent years and we found ourselves in the position of needing a new home. After a long and exhaustive search, Blessed Sacrament Church was decided to be the best option, and the troop has taken the necessary steps to move our meetings and base of operations there. This move unites the 40 year Troop with its 11 year old Cub Pack and mutually benefits all organizations, leading to growth in numbers, with greater opportunities for our youth.  Check out our Eagle Scout projects at Blessed Sacrament over the years by clicking here.

The parish is able to provide ample meeting space that is clean, bright and dust-free, but there is nowhere to stow all the gear it takes to support such an active program. To address this critical storage issue, we are constructing a 2500 square foot building across the parking lot and to the right of Providence Center. The building will be owned by the Diocese of Youngstown, and leased back to our Troop 101 Alumni Association. It will be tall enough to back Big Blue right inside in inclement weather, with plenty of room to hang tents, and separate areas to store equipment and perishables. Troop 101’s Eagle Wall will remain in its position of honor. Should we raise enough funds, toilet facilities and loft space will be added.

"Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size."
Lord Baden Powell

We Are Boy Scout Troop 101
Delivering Exceptional Youth Programming for Forty Years
We Are Proud
Of Our Nearly 1000 Alumni, Including 139 Eagles

For a better look, click here

Seventy 101 Scouts
chose professional careers in medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, information technology, accounting, education, and scouting.
Thirty Two 101 Scouts
have served their country in every branch of the military, including six who attended or are currently attending military academies.
Ten 101 Scouts
serve their communities in law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical response.
One 101 Scout
is a Hollywood writer, proving that every merit badge has the potential to turn into a successful career.
A Quarter of 101 Scouts
are still involved in scouting today.
Six 2nd Generation Families
What You Can Do to Help
In order to pass on to future generations the rich heritage and experiences that scouting has brought to so many, we will all need to help as much as we are able. The cost of the project is $145,000. The Troop 101 Alumni Association is running this fundraising campaign, and as a 501c3 organization, all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Ask at work, as many employers match employees’ charitable donations. Checks are to be made payable to Troop 101 Alumni Association and mailed to 3002 Reeves Rd NE, Warren, OH 44483, or may also be made online at troop101.net.
Named Giving Opportunities
Building Name $50,000*
Eagle Palm $15,000
Eagle $10,000
Life $5,000
Star $2,500
1st Class $1,000
2nd Class $500
Tenderfoot $250
Scout $150
Named donors will be recognized on a special Donor Wall. Additionally, engraved paver bricks are available for $100. * Subject to Church approval
Tim Ross
President, Troop 101 Alumni Association
330.962.8839 or tross4@neo.rr.com

Kristine Kuszmaul 
Troop 101 Committee Chairman
330.847.8200 or kuszmaulmail@gmail.com

Check back often for campaign updates & status

Troop 101 Building Initiative Commitment
Pledges are personal and confidential.
To make the most of your donation, Please fill out this pledge form and mail it in.
If you prefer pledging online, click here

The Troop 101 Alumni Association is a 501 c (3) public charity and is registered with the IRS under
ID# 34-1880579. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Checks can be mailed to 3002 Reeves Rd NE, Warren, OH 44483

Donate via PayPal/Credit Card
If you prefer to make an online donation through PayPal or Credit Card, Please note, a service fee of 2.7% is charged by PayPal for each donation processed,
so the Troop will only see part of the donation made online.