Troop 101 Committee

Troop Committee Structure and Responsibilities

The Troop Committee supports the Scoutmaster in delivering a quality troop program. Members of the Troop Committee serve on boards of review and plan and conduct courts of honor. They support the Scoutmaster in working with individual boys and handling problems that may affect the overall Troop program.

Below are the positions and responsibilities for members of the Committee

Troop Committee Chairman
The Troop Committee Chairman is appointed by the chartered organization and registered as an adult leader of the BSA. The troop committee chairman appoints and supervises the unit committee and unit leaders.

  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • See that unit leaders and committee members have training opportunities.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the unit.
  • Work closely with the Scoutmaster in preparing Troop Committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly unit committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure unit representation at monthly roundtables.
  • Arrange for charter review and recharter annually.
  • Plan the charter presentation program.

Troop Committee Chartered Organization Representative
The Unit Chartered Organization Representative is a volunteer appointed by the chartered organization to represent the chartered organization in the unit, district and council.

  • Is a member of the chartered organization.
  • Serves as liaison between Troop and Chartered Organization
  • Secures a Troop Committee Chair and encourages training.
  • Maintains a close liaison with the Troop Committee Chair.
  • Helps recruit other adult leaders.
  • Assists with unit rechartering
  • Encourages service to the chartered organization.
  • Is an active and involved member of the District Committee.
  • Is automatically a voting member of the District Committee, and of the Local Council.

Troop Committee Secretary
The Unit Secretary is appointed by the unit committee chairman to keep minutes and records, send notices, and handle publicity.

  • Keep minutes of meetings and send out committee meeting notices.
  • Handle publicity in the absence of a dedicated Publicity Chair
  • Conduct the troop/team/crew resource survey.
  • At each meeting, report the minutes of the previous meeting.

Troop Committee Treasurer
The Unit Treasurer is appointed by the committee chairman to handle troop funds, pay bills, maintain accounts, and supervise fundraising

  • Handle all troop funds. Pay bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and with the authorization of the unit committee.
  • Maintain the unit’s checking and savings accounts.
  • Keep adequate records in the Troop Record Book.
  • Works closely with fundraising chair to supervise money-earning projects
  • Lead in the preparation of the annual troop budget.
  • Present a written report to the unit committee at each monthly meeting.

Troop Committee Records Chairman
The Unit Records Chairman is appointed by the Committee Chairman to handle all collections at weekly meetings.

  • Collects camping fees, dues, recharter fees, donations.
  • Supervises the troop scribes in recordkeeping.
  • Responsible for maintaining monthly dues envelopes.
  • Works closely with Troop Scribe to handle dues delinquencies.
  • Stocks and sells merchandise from Troop Store
  • Disperses small reimbursements from petty cash.
  • Attends all troop meetings, prepares weekly petty cash statement to be given to Treasurer.
  • Presents report at monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Troop Committee Advancement Chairman
The Unit Advancement Chair is appointed by the committee chairman to ensure that the unit has at least monthly boards of review, quarterly courts of honor, and that the unit has goals of helping each Scout advance at an appropriate rate for that Scout. The advancement chair is also responsible for record keeping and submitting advancement reports.

  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.
  • Works with troop Advancement Scribes to maintain all Scout advancement records.
  • Arranges troop boards of review and quarterly courts of honor.
  • Make a prompt report on the correct form to the council service center when a troop board of review is held. Secure badges and certificates.
  • Report to the troop committee each month.
  • Secures troop representatives as needed to sit on Council led Eagle Boards of Review.
  • Responsible for having 101 Eagle mugs engraved.

Troop Committee Publicity Chair
The Unit Publicity Chair is appointed by the committee chairman to handle media in all its forms, and to send out press releases regarding unit happenings.

  • Works closely with Committee Chair and Secretary to send press releases out in a timely fashion.
  • These duties are to be absorbed by the Troop Secretary when there is no seated Publicity Chair.
  • Sits on the Recruiting Committee with Recruiting Chair, Greeter Chair, and the ASM who coaches Troop Guides.

Troop Committee Equipment Coordinator
The Unit Equipment Coordinator is appointed by the committee chairman to procure, maintain and repair troop vehicles.

  • Responsible for keeping troop vehicles and trailers in good working order.
  • Report to the troop committee each month.
  • Coordinates care and upkeep of troop building.

Troop Committee Campsites Coordinator
The Unit Campsites Coordinator is appointed by the committee chairman to secure tour permits and permission to use camping sites, for regular monthly weekend campouts and for longer high adventure trips.

  • Secure tour permits and permission to use camping sites.
  • Works closely with Transportation Coordinator.
  • Report to the unit committee monthly.

Troop Committee Transportation Coordinator
The Unit Transportation Coordinator ensures all bodies have a ride to and from each monthly campout and longer high adventure trips.

  • Keeps licensing current on all Troop vehicles.
  • Coordinates rides for adults and scouts for all campouts, weekend and high adventure.
  • Attends troop meetings on campout collection nights.
  • Be present or assign representative to be present at meeting place to ensure there are enough rides
  • Reports to monthly Troop Committee meetings.

Troop Committee Recruiting Chair
The Unit Recruiting Chair is appointed by the committee chairman to help ensure a smooth transition of new Scouts into the unit and orientation for new parents. Responsible for recruiting campaigns and for year-round recruitment, growth and retention.

  • Work with Cub Scout packs to make a smooth transition of Webelos Scouts from pack to troop.
  • Help with the crossover ceremony of new Scouts.
  • Promote and encourage Scouts to recruit new members.
  • Plan and coordinate the troop open house.
  • Assist in the orientation of new Scouting parents.
  • Works closely with Greeter Chair, Publicity Chair and the ASM responsible for coaching Troop Guides on Recruiting Committee.

Troop Committee Training Chair
The Unit Training Chair is appointed by the committee chairman to ensure training opportunities are available, maintain training records and materials, and is responsible for BSA Youth Protection training, and Diocese of Youngstown Youth Protection training. The goal of the unit training chair is to have 100 percent of the adult leadership trained in their positions of responsibilities.

  • Ensure troop leaders and committee members have opportunities for training.
  • Encourages new leaders to attend ongoing training such as roundtable, outdoor training, youth protection, and Wood Badge.
  • Maintain an inventory of up-to-date training materials, videotapes, and other training resources.
  • Work with the district training team in scheduling Fast Start training for all new leaders and adult family members.
  • Be responsible for BSA and DOY Youth Protection training within the unit.
  • Report to the unit committee at each meeting.
  • Submit updated trained leader reports to the district and council.

Troop Committee Popcorn Kernel
The Unit Popcorn Kernel is appointed by the committee chairman to manage the fall popcorn sale and to ensure that every youth member has the opportunity to participate.

  • Attend Council Popcorn Sale trainings in July/August
  • Responsible for ordering, picking up and paying Council for popcorn.
  • Responsible for arranging troop pickup, and all Show and Sells
  • Keeps orderly Popcorn Sale records, and passes records on to Records Chair.
  • Orders and distributes Council incentives

Troop Committee Spaghetti Dinner Chairman
The Unit Spaghetti Dinner Chairman is appointed by the committee chairman to manage the Palm Sunday Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, ensuring that every youth member has the opportunity to participate.

  • Solicit food donations, finalizes food order with Matt Kassos for remaining needs.
  • Picks up food order.
  • Organizes troop preparation list of who makes pasta sauce and pre-cooks pasta, and distributes ingredients on pick up night.
  • Keeps track of stock of supplies.
  • Responsible for coordinating with Troop Patrols, organizing labor lists, scheduling.
  • Coordinates with Eagles Wings regarding raffle baskets, should attend their meetings when this is discussed.
  • Responsible for publicity—signs, placemats, press releases, notices in church bulletins.
  • Orders, organizes, distributes and keeps track of tickets
  • Reports to Troop Committee within the month following the dinner on profit, tickets sold, general evaluation.

Troop Committee Greeter Chair
The Unit Greeter Chair is a parent or adult mentor of a Scout who enthusiastically participates with their Scout and also helps other volunteers to provide the best quality program experience to all youth in every unit.

  • Recruit, train and supervise greeters on how to welcome parents and orient them on how unit works and what the benefits are to their family.
  • Maintain greeter box and folders.
  • Sits on Recruiting Committee with Recruiting Chair, Publicity Chair and the ASM who coaches Troop Guides.

Eagle’s Wings Chairman
The Eagle’s Wings Chairman is a parent who coordinates and manages our Eagle’s Wings support group and is primarily responsible for organizing family events and additional fundraising opportunities.

  • Organizes and coordinates the annual Christmas party.
  • Provides a Christmas community service project in which the troop and families can participate.
  • Helps to plan and prepare for the annual Halloween party.
  • Coordinates our annual summer picnic during summer camp.
  • Coordinates refreshments for Troop Courts of Honor and Eagle Courts of Honor
  • Serves as the primary support group for parents of new families.
  • Help the committee and leaders with the annual Spaghetti Dinner.