Camping Locations

Our Camping Locations

Below is a history of Camping programs and locations we've camped over the years. Members logged in can see the Troop Roster, Menu, and Program when available.

Month Year Event Attendance Event Type Start Date End Date
Event Photos
 Troop Campout3/10/20233/12/2023
March2023Warren Rotary "Slice of the Valley" Service Project3/5/20233/5/2023
February2023Winter Event
Event Photos
 Troop Campout2/10/20232/12/2023
January2023Camp Butler - Star Wars
Event Photos
 Troop Campout1/20/20231/22/2023
November2022Seven Ranges
Event Photos
 Troop Campout11/11/202211/13/2022
October2022Hickory Creek Backpacking
Event Photos
 Troop Campout10/8/202210/9/2022
September2022Camp McKinley
Event Photos
 Troop Campout9/16/20229/18/2022
August2022Backpack Grand Canyon of PA
Event Photos
 Adventure Trip8/4/20228/7/2022
July2022Summer Camp
Event Photos
 Troop Campout7/10/20227/16/2022
June2022Mill Creek Hike Troop Campout6/18/20226/18/2022
May2022Memorial Day Grave Decorating
Event Photos
 Service Project5/28/20225/28/2022
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 Troop Campout5/20/20225/22/2022
April202242nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner
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 Fundraising Event4/10/20224/10/2022
April2022Parish Workday
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 Service Project4/9/20224/9/2022
April2022Scouting for Food Service Project4/2/20224/2/2022
Event Photos
 Troop Campout3/18/20223/20/2022
March2022Warren Rotary "Slice of the Valley" Service Project3/6/20223/6/2022
February2022Manatoc Tubing
Event Photos
 Troop Campout2/18/20222/20/2022
February2022Winter Event Troop Campout2/11/20222/13/2022
January2022Winter Event Troop Campout1/22/20221/22/2022
November2021Seven Ranges
Event Photos
 Troop Campout11/12/202111/14/2021
Event Photos
 Troop Campout10/9/202110/10/2021
September2021Camp McKinley
Event Photos
 Troop Campout9/17/20219/19/2021
Event Photos
 Troop Campout8/5/20218/8/2021
August2021Summer High Adventure Adventure Trip8/2/20218/8/2021
July2021Summer Camp
Event Photos
Event Photos
 Troop Campout7/11/20217/17/2021
Event Photos
 Troop Campout6/18/20216/20/2021
May2021Memorial Day Grave Decorating
Event Photos
 Service Project5/29/20215/29/2021
May2021Hickory Creek Backpacking
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 Troop Campout5/22/20215/23/2021
May2021BBQ Dinner Fundraiser
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 Fundraising Event5/16/20215/16/2021
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 Troop Campout4/23/20214/25/2021
March2021Troop 101 Requirements Day
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 Troop Campout3/20/20213/20/2021
February2021Winter Event
Event Photos
 Troop Campout2/20/20212/20/2021
November2020Pioneer Day at Blessed Sacrament
Event Photos
 Troop Campout11/14/202011/14/2020
October2020Morrison Run Troop Campout10/10/202010/11/2020
August2020Mahoning River Day Trip
Event Photos
 Troop Campout8/29/20208/29/2020
March2020Warren Rotary "Slice of the Valley" Service Project3/1/20203/1/2020
February2020Beaumont & Snow Tubing
Event Photos
 Troop Campout2/7/20202/9/2020
January2020Winter Event
Event Photos
 Troop Campout1/17/20201/19/2020
November2019Blessed Sacrament Parish's Community Outreach Day Service Project11/10/201911/10/2019