Potential Eagle Scout Projects

Once a Scout has obtained the rank of Life, they will begin working towards obtaining the highest rank, that of Eagle Scout. Service to other people is one of the core parts of Scouting, and the Eagle Project is an opportunity to make a significant impact on your community. Below are some projects that have been submitted to us as potential Eagle Service Projects. Please work with your Eagle Coach to determine if one of these projects would work for you. If you're looking to share a potential project for the list, please send us an email to

GaGa Ball PitPosted: 06/25/2018Due: n/a
Let's see if we can build a Gaga Ball pit at the Parish. This would be a great program supplement for both us and the parish.
Contact: Dr. LaPolla
Landscape RepairPosted: 10/14/2018Due: n/a
The Lordstown Park Veteran's Memorial is in need of landscaping and general clean-up.
Contact: Mr. Nelder
Flag BoxesPosted: 08/12/2020Due: n/a
Build flag boxes to be located at various locations for old Amercan Flags as seen on "Bryan on Scouting."
Contact: Dr. LaPolla
Medici MuseumPosted: 08/12/2020Due: n/a
Contact: Ned Gold

Active Troop Projects

We rely on our volunteers to make sure everything moves smoothly and the right equipment is available for our youth to use. These projects don't qualify for Eagle Projects, but could be a project for your patrol, or some of our Adult volunteers. If you're able to help, please let us know so we can continue to offer such an awesome program.

Fly PolesPosted: 01/01/2019Due: n/a
Inventory and Repair/Replace poles in Trailer
Contact: Mr. Matt
Historic CanvasPosted: 01/01/2019Due: n/a
Determine storage method, and gather canvas components
Contact: Mr. Matt
Canoe ServicePosted: 03/01/2021Due: 07/04/2021
Make sure the canoes are serviced and ready for Algonquin in the Fall.
Contact: Dr. LaPolla