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    Betsy Ross

    1777 - 1779

    It was not until two years after the war erupted at Concord and Lexington - and a year after the Continental Congress decided to announce a united Declaration of Independence - that congress settled on what the official flag of the fledgling United States of America was to be. The Continental Congress resolved on June 14, 1777, “THAT THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES BE 13 STRIPES ALTERNATE RED AND WHITE, THAT THE UNION BE 13 STARS WHITE IN A BLUE FIELD REPRESENTING A NEW CONSTELLATION.” Congress in this first flag resolution did not specify an arrangement for the stars in the union, as a result there were many variations in the flags that followed. Some historians feel there is not enough evidence to confirm the legend that Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross made the first Stars and Stripes. But true or not, this flag is often called the “Betsy Ross Flag.” It is the classically simple version of this flag, with its thirteen white stars set in a perfect circle against a blue square, that best symbolizes the American Revolution.

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