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Advancement Tools

Ready to Advance?  Make sure you're ready for your PLC and Board of Review with this Checklist

We have gathered several things we thought would help you advance and placed them all on one page. There are several helpful links as well.

Outdoor Ethics Guidebook

Check out the BSA's new Outdoor Ethics guidebook.
While it’s primarily aimed at the young person who will serve as outdoor ethics guide, there are sections written for the adult leader serving as outdoor ethics guide advisor.

A team of volunteers created the handbook. It includes a list of rank requirements and merit badges the outdoor ethics guide can help fellow Scouts earn, tips for planning outdoor adventures that minimize impact on the outdoors, and printable worksheets, duty rosters and planning guides.

National Advancement Website
All of the most up-to-date requirements can be found here.

Service & Conservation Hours

Guidelines on what satisfies the requirements for Conservation Service Hours, and Service Hours.  There is also information on the BSA's "Conservation Good Turn award".

Early Rank Requirements
Check out these great video clips for help with Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class! Great resources for Advancement!

Eagle Project Help [Click Here] 
Here are guidelines and resources to help you meet this requirement.

  The Council maintains a list of Counselors.  

Ask your Scoutmaster for specific contact information.

101 Eagle Award

Scouts may complete their requirements for Eagle according to the national BSA requirements.
Many Scouts and families came to our troop looking for something more.
In keeping with traditional camping and outdoor values and skills, we offer two optional additional recognitions that a Scout in Troop 101 may earn:

First Class Camp
is a troop-optional award that must be earned prior to a First Class Board of Review. Those Scouts completing the award will be recognized at the next Court of Honor with a Scout Stave with the First Class logo and their name as well as having a red border added to their troop neckerchief.  Scouts who earn First Class Camp and achieve Eagle will be recognized as "101 Eagles" and receive a Troop 101 Eagle Mug as part of their Court of Honor.

Scouts First Class and above transferring into the troop would have an opportunity to earn a First Class Camp Stave by completing the First Class Camp requirement prior to their next rank (Star, Life, or Eagle).