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Troop 101 Poor College Kid Program

The Troop relies very heavily on it's older Scouts and recent graduates in order to run the High Adventure Programs. It is understood that Scouts or Alumni attending college often are struggling for funds. Any older Scout or alumni who is in college may apply directly to the Scoutmaster to serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster for these events. In exchange they will be charged half price for the activity.

Eagle's Wings Supplement

These same Scouts may apply for an Eagle's Wings Scholarship/Campership for half of the remaining fee for these camps as well. Therefore on a $100 week-long canoe trip, these Scouts may first apply to the Scoutmaster to be eligible for the $50 fee and then may request the Eagle's Wings supplement of half of the remaining $50. So a struggling college student could attend the $100 trip for a total of $25.

This assistance is based on financial need and the mutual benefit to the troop of having the experience and help from that former Scout or ASM.