Troop 101 Honor Guard

Troop Honor Guard

The Troop Honor Guard is part of our strong tradition of Citizenship in both the Troop and our community.


The program is comprised of volunteers within the Troop. Scouts will be ready to participate in Camp Ceremonies, Courts of Honor, and other public ceremonies, when invited. To invite them to your upcoming event, send us an email at

Flag Retirement

Troop 101 and its Honor Guard offer an ongoing service to the community for old flags. Troop 101 will receive all old flags and dispose of them in an appropriate and respectful ceremony.

Flags can be dropped off at our Scout Building, and will be retired appropriately and respectfully.

Historic Flag Collection

The Troop collects and maintains a historic flag collection. Each flag has a tag attached to it that describes the flag and tells about its history.

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Troop Flags make their own history

Several Alumni from Troop 101 have gone on to the military academies. Others have gone on to serve in the various branches of the service. One of our Alumni, Eagle Scout #83, is now a helicopter Pilot in the US Army.
Captain Steven M Wisniewski took our troop flag and an American Flag on a combat mission during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2010 and then as Pilot in Command, took that same Troop Flag on a combat mission over Afghanistan in 2013.
These flags fly with the rest of the troop's historic collection, but they have seen a few more miles and a little more action. They help remind today's scouts of what is going on in the world and for a time, they helped to remind a former Scout of his troop back home.

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Honor Guard Officer Positions

  • Captain
    Elected every 6 months by members, leads and organizes the Honor Guard
  • Assistant
    Appointed by the Captain, fills in when needed
  • Quartermaster
    Appointed by the Captain, they are responsible for the care, cleaning, and distribution of berets and gloves used as needed. Also responsible for the care and provision of flags, poles, stands, as required
  • Scribe
    Appointed by the Captain, is responsible for attendance records, log book, calendar and disciplinary notifications
  • Adviser
    Appointed by the Scoutmaster, is responsible to oversee all the actions of the Honor Guard and ensure their compliance with Honor Guard policy. He serves as a resource for all Honor Guard needs.