Camp Menus

Update your menu by adding Recipes and Items to the meals below. When the menu has something for each of the meals required, you can submit for Coach, SPL, and Scoutmaster Approval. Scroll down to see comments.

Fri. Jan. 20, 23


 Goo Dip

Sat. Jan. 21, 23


 Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Troop Menu


 Wedding Soup


 Cinnamon Roll-Topped Cobbler

Sun. Jan. 22, 23


Troop Menu

Enter any Scouts in your patrol that will be working on advancement requirements, and which requirements above.

Mr. Matt McCracken

Mar. 22, 2023
Based on the "No Bake" for Saturday Breakfast - Please update Breakfast to something faster.

For Friday Snack, note we are arriving after 10 pm. Snack might be swapped to a Troop one. PLC is deciding

Mr. Matt McCracken

Feb. 22, 2023
May do a Troop Snack. That will be up to the PLC. So, ok to leave it blank for now.
Breakfast might be overly ambitious, but I like it. May want to add Sausage links or Bacon to add a meat.
Missing drink for dinner. May want more for dinner, but OK if that's all you want.