Camp Menus

Update your menu by adding Recipes and Items to the meals below. When the menu has something for each of the meals required, you can submit for Coach, SPL, and Scoutmaster Approval. Scroll down to see comments.

Fri. Jan. 20, 23


 Hot Dogs
 Potato Chips

Sat. Jan. 21, 23


 Cinnamon French Toast Bake


Troop Menu


 Country Sausage Macaroni and Cheese


 Apple Cake

Sun. Jan. 22, 23


Troop Menu

Enter any Scouts in your patrol that will be working on advancement requirements, and which requirements above.

Mr. Dan Wasko Jr

Mar. 21, 2023
Good start to your menu. Check each meal and make sure it’s balanced and has drink listed. For example Fri Snack is good because it will be quick and easy but maybe you want to add potatoe chips. You also need a drink even if it’s water. Sat. Breakfast do want bacon or sausage. If not maybe a piece of fruit? Sat. Dinner do want a side dish? Make changes and Resubmit , I will approve it.