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Tue Oct 25, 2022
Halloween Party
The annual Troop 101 Halloween party took place Monday night, and was a great success. Scouts were in costume and having fun enjoying various activities sponsored by Eagles' Wings. Photos can be found in the Troop Photo gallery.

Sun Sep 18, 2022
Camp McKinley
The Troop returns from a weekend of camping over at Camp McKinley. It was a lot of fun with Fire Building, Knots, Lashings, Rappelling, Drones, and more! Be sure to check out the Troop Photo gallery for photos from the trip.

Sun May 22, 2022
Pymatuning Weekend
The Troop took a trip over to Pymatuning to get in some canoeing and fishing this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  Even when the storm blew in Saturday night, the Troop's spirits were not dampened.  They could be heard singing under the fly's as the storm raged around them.

Sun Mar 20, 2022
The Troop returned from Custalogatown.  It was a learning experience for our group as they got to see and question a reenactor talking about the French and Indian war.  They also got to talk about rocks with Eagle Scout Brad Puet.  The geology went over well and was a big success.

In addition Brad showed them a few fossils he brought with him, played some Ga-Ga-Ball, Learned some Orienteering, and tried some new food.

Sun Feb 20, 2022
Winter Weekend
The Troop returns from a weekend of wintery competition over at Camp Manatoc.

This past weekend, three of our Patrols competed in a Troop 101 Winter Klondike over at Camp Manatoc. From sled building, knot relays, first aid, and sledding. Our scouts enjoyed some fun in the cold winds.

Head over to the Troop Gallery for photos from the weekend.

Mon Dec 20, 2021
Holiday Party
This weekend the Troop celebrated the holidays at Blessed Sacrament.  There were games of Football, Basketball, Warhammer, Board Games and more!  After the games the Troop sat down for an excellent pot luck dinner before holding their annual Court of Honor.

Sun Nov 14, 2021
Seven Ranges
The Troop took a trip over to Seven Ranges this weekend.  Together they lashed a climbing tower and enjoyed a visit from the local camp lab.

Mon Oct 25, 2021
Halloween Party
The haunts and treats are back in full swing.  Tonight the Scouts showed off their great Halloween Costumes in a night of Fright and Fun.

Sun Oct 10, 2021
Kennerdell Backpacking
The Troop went out to Kennerdell for a Backpacking adventure.  Overall the trip was fun, and the weather was great.

Sun Sep 19, 2021
Camp McKinley
Back from another fun campout at McKinley. The group did some rappelling while at the camp, and the group had a wonderful time.

Mon Aug 09, 2021
Currents & Caverns
The Troop returns from a new trip down to Ohiopyle. It was an extended weekend trip with Whitewater rafting, Spelunking and more. Photos from the trip can be found online. It was an excellent trip, and we hope to do it again.

Sat Jul 17, 2021
Summer Camp
Another excellent week at Camp Manatoc! The Troop returned from Summer Camp this morning after a week of learning and adventure.

Rank requirements, Merit Badges, Hiking Trails, and more!

While the weather was a bit wet, our scouts once again showed they were prepared and capable of handling the challenge.
Special thanks to all of Camp Staff, including 4 of our own Eagle Scouts Christopher, Colin, Zach, and Marty. They worked hard making camp as awesome as possible and keeping us all entertained.

Looking forward to next year already when the camp begins to prepare for it's 100th anniversary in 2023.

More photos and videos available in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Photos | Videos

Sun Jun 20, 2021
Back from another wonderful 101 camping trip.

This past weekend we camped at Stambaugh. On Saturday we did some conservation work at the lake, and cleaned things up for the camp.

The Scouts got to canoe, play Ga-Ga-Ball, throw frisbee, play kick ball, and several other fun activities in camp.

Check out all the photos in the Troop Gallery

Sun May 23, 2021
Hickory Creek
The Troop returns from yet another successful Troop 101 Activity.

This weekend we traveled to Hickory Creek.  This was a new backpacking spot for us, and we can surely say it was a successful one.

Scouts hiked 11 miles over 2 days. Two routes were taken on the trail to scope it out. Much fun was had, and some learned valuable lessons on how to prepare for future backpacking trips.

Photos are now available in the Troop Gallery.  More expected soon!

Wed Feb 24, 2021
Winter Event
Winter Event

The Troop returns from a day of fun activities at Camp Stambaugh.

The activities challenged our Scouts in various Scout skills, including Knots, Lashings, Fire Building, First Aid, and Signaling.  They even had a fun sled race around the camp.

Sun Nov 15, 2020
Pioneer Day
Our boys were back outside this weekend during a special November Camp experience. Just a Saturday event at the Jim Potjunas Scout Center.

We lashed together a Monkey Bridge, ran a Orienteering Course, practiced knots and lashings, and had a special guest Mr. Ken Hall come in to teach about Char Cloth and fire starting. That was just the morning!

After lunch, they got to play with the Monkey Bridge, launch some pumpkins with our catapults, and First Aid challenges. They also got to test the skills lighting fires they learned in the morning.

Sun Oct 11, 2020
Morrison Run Backpacking Trip

The Troop returns from a backpacking trip to Morrison Run.  The scouts left early Saturday, then hiked about 6 miles into camp.  At camp they prepared trail meals, had a campfire, and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

Sunday morning, they backpacked out about 4 more miles to the waiting cars.  Overall the weekend was a fun overnight with perfect weather.  Check out the photos in the Troop Gallery.  Some nice photos of the boys in action.

Sun Sep 20, 2020
With times being tough this year it's been difficult to get in some First Class Camping trips. That's why this weekend we ran a special Advancement camping event at Mr. Wood's house.

We had scheduled time slots for Scouts to come out and work on early rank requirements. Three groups of campers did their best to practice social distancing and complete all the requirements we have for First Class camp, setting up a campsite with two tents, and showing off the skills they've learned up to this point.

If you aren't familiar with our First Class Camp award, check out our Advancement page for more information.

If you want to see some photos from the event, be sure to check out the gallery for some cool photos from the weekend.

Special thanks to Mr. Wood and his family for allowing us to spend the weekend in the backyard.

Sat Aug 29, 2020
The Troop returns from canoeing the Mahoning River! It was a beautiful day to canoe and the Scouts certainly had a blast canoeing.

Check out the Photos in the Troop Gallery.

Sun Feb 09, 2020

Camp Beaumont

Back from a weekend up at Beaumont where the Troop showed off their skills in Knots, Lashings, Fire Building, and sliding down hills of snow.

Be sure to check out the photos from this weekend. There are many great photos of them sledding, and showing their skills.  You can find them in the Troop Gallery

Sun Jan 19, 2020

Winter Event

It was a weekend full of fun games and activities at the Arrowhead Winter Event over at Camp Stambaugh.

It snowed, it rained, and despite getting wet, everyone had a good time.

Photos from the weekends event can be found in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Sun Nov 10, 2019

Seven Ranges Campout

This weekend the Troop took a trip over to Seven Ranges. There they practiced Fire Building, Knots, and Lashings. The weather was cool, but everyone stayed warm and had a good time. Four Webelos joined us, and we thank them for coming and look forward to seeing them again.

We even had a young Lab wonder into camp and have fun with our Troop the whole day.

Saturday, we wrapped up the evening with our Annual Thanksgiving Feast, as well as a fantastic Campfire program. Looking forward to the next camping trip in January, and the Holiday Party next month.

Check out all the photos in the Troop Gallery

Mon Oct 28, 2019
Troop Halloween Party

It was a blast at the Troop 101 Halloween Party tonight. There were awesome games, a Haunted Trail, Food, and Great Costumes tonight.

Photos from the Troop Halloween party can be found in the Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Oct 13, 2019

Beaver Creek 

The Troop Returns from another camping trip, this time from Beaver Creek State Park.

Yes, this may be in the top 10 most haunted places in Ohio, but they weren't afraid of the ghosts... well, most weren't.

There were Knots, Lashings, Compass games, Deer Stalker and more. Photos from the trip can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Sep 22, 2019

Camping at McKinley

We're back from a weekend of fun at Camp McKinley.  

The Troop got to practice knots and lashings, and go Rappelling.  The weather was beautiful and warm.  After campfire, the troop held a flag retirement ceremony.  We retired over 60 flags.

Photos from the trip are now available online in the Troop Gallery.

Sun Aug 04, 2019
Horseback Riding in the Alleghenys

Another fun weekend. Our Troop took a trip into the Allegheny National Forest to camp at the Flying W Ranch.

There they got to take a Horseback riding trip!
They also build some catapults to launch tennis balls, and ate some really good food.

Photos from the Trip are in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to Check them out!

Sat Jul 13, 2019

Summer Camp at Manatoc

The Troop returns from a week of fun at Camp Manatoc.  There was a lot of Advancement taking place, and a lot of activities like Ga-Ga-Ball, Water Polo, Climbing, and more!

The Troop took home the first place in the Water Polo Tournament, and M. Streets Took home third in Archery.

Photos from the week can be found in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Tue Jun 25, 2019

Philmont Adventure

On June 8, 4 adults and 8 young men from Troop 101 boarded a train on their way to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Over the course of the next 14 days, they would enjoy a program unlike any other. Backpacking, panning for gold, horseback riding, railroading, team-building exercises, climbing a mountain (Mt. Baldy), and more!

This trip is getting rave reviews, and the stories and memories are sure to stay with these young men for years to come.

Between C. McMahan, J. Wagner, and C. Kuszmaul, there are over 4,000 photos from the trip now in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Jun 16, 2019
Troop 101 Family Camp

Swim Checks, Canoeing, Kayaking, GaGa Ball, Kickball, the list goes on and on! The Troop took a weekend to camp at Camp Stambaugh for our Annual Family Camp Weekend.

A lot of fun was had, and the weather even gave us a few breaks to enjoy all the fun activities and good food.

Thanks to all the families able to attend this weekend, hope you had an excellent time as well!

Check out the Photos in the Troop Gallery!

Sun May 19, 2019

Raccoon Creek Backpacking

The Troop returns from a fun trip of backpacking along the trails at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania.  

They completed somewhere between 6-11 miles, a fun introduction to backpacking for some, and another chance for our Philmont crew to test out their gear for the trip next month.

The rain held off Saturday, and the Sun warmed everyone throughout the day.

Be sure to check out photos from the trip in the Troop Gallery.

Sat Apr 06, 2019
Kendell Cliffs Rock Climbing

This morning the Troop took a trip up to Peninsula, Ohio to climb the walls at The Kendell Cliffs Gym. It was an exciting morning climbing the walls and rappelling back down.

We finished the trip at Cockeye BBQ, where they got to enjoy some excellent BBQ. Our newest Eagle Scout even signed the 101 Paddle, continuing the tradition.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Gallery, and be sure to watch for our next Scouting Adventure!

Photos taken by Mr. Matt and C. McMahan.

Sun Mar 24, 2019

Camp Tuscazoar

Back from a Sunny and Fun weekend at Camp Tuscazoar.

The Troop enjoyed a Western themed trip featuring some lassoing, fire building, Knots and lashings. They even got to check out how Maple Syrup gets made at the camp in a quick tour of the facility.

It was a fun trip, and one to be remembered. Photos from the trip can be found in the photo gallery on our Troop website. Be sure to check them out!

Photos taken this month by Assistant Scoutmaster, Matt McCracken and ASPL, Chris M.

Sun Feb 24, 2019
Manatoc Camp & Snow Tubing

The Troop returns from another fun-filled weekend! We traveled North to Camp Manatoc to enjoy a hike around camp and some first aid.

After Lunch, the Troop went over to the Brandywine Polar Blast Snow Tubing. There the Troop spend the afternoon going up and down the Hills and having a good time.

Photos from the trip can be found in our Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Jan 20, 2019
Camp Stigwandish

Even with the Winter Storm coming through, several Troops came out to Camp Stambaugh for the activities of this year's Klondike/Winter Event.

The Camp was temporarily renamed Fort Stambaugh, and events testing skills like Fire Building, Memory, Accuracy, and Strength had a Military theme.

While the snow fell, the Troops competed for fun and glory. Troop 101 claimed a second place victory in the Patrol category, and with 3 Patrols competing, the Troop's average Score brought home 1st Place overall.

After all the fun outdoors, the Troop returns home with their victory, ready for the next adventure.

Check out photos from the event online in the Troop Gallery.

Sun Nov 11, 2018
Camp Stigwandish

The Troop took a trip up north into the snow belt this weekend, and sure enough, enjoyed a cold and snowy weekend at Camp Stigwandish.

The themed trip on WWI and WWII had the scouts acting as recruits preparing for war. Activities included Ga Ga Ball, Fire Building, Leatherwork, Trivia, knots and lashings, and more.

Photos from the weekend are now up in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out! We had 2 photographers this month. C. McMahan and Mr. Matt.

Tue Oct 30, 2018

Troop Halloween Party

The Ghosts and Ghouls came out to play as the Troop enjoys our annual Halloween Party.  It was certainly a fun time with the Owls providing another great Haunted Trail this year.  

Other activities included Tomahawk Throwing, Donut Eating Contest, Witch Hat Ring Toss, Pantyhose Bowling, and of course a snack station!

Photos from the party are now in the Troop Gallery!  Be sure to check them out

Sun Sep 09, 2018

Camp McKinley

It was a wet weekend full of fun activities at Camp McKinley.  Scouts had an opportunity to go rappelling, as well as test their skills in several fun activities.  A few learned the value of good rain gear.

Photos from the trip, courtesy of two Scouts, C. McMahan and A. McManus, and one of our Adults, Vijay Shah, are now available in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun Aug 12, 2018

C&O Canal Bike Trip & Washington DC

The Troop returned from an 184 mile bike trip and Tour of Washington, DC. The week was a warm one, but none of our Scouts gave up as they all completed each day of biking.

Now that they're home, they can take a well deserved rest.

Photos from the Trip are now posted in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sat Jul 14, 2018

Summer Camp at Manatoc

It's been an Amazing week at Camp Manatoc! The Troop was at Summer Camp this past week, and the weather was perfect! I don't think anyone in our could recall a week of Summer Camp without any rain!

Our Scouts earned many Merit Badges, and made lots of memories at camp this summer. By Wednesday, we had more Scouts advance, than ever before at camp. Somewhere around 17 Scouts!

On Thursday, our Troop was challenged to Water Polo at the pool. We can say proudly that our team accepted the challenge, and won with a score of 21 to 8.

Photos from the trip are now available in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Sun Jun 17, 2018

Family Camp at Stambaugh

This weekend we invited Troop families to join us for our Annual Family Camp. This year, Family camp was at Camp Stambaugh, and it sure looks like there was plenty of Fun to be had.

Photos from the Trip are now online, in the Troop Gallery. be sure to check them out! Photographer this weekend was Cole K.

Sun May 13, 2018

Camp Butler Bike Trip

Despite the forecast calling for thunderstorms all day Saturday, the weather stayed cool and beautiful in the morning for the Biker to get in some miles along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath in Peninsula, Ohio.

Two scouts, Aidan and DJ, worked on their First Class Camp requirement during the trip as well.  

Photos from the Trip are now online, in the Troop Gallery. be sure to check them out! Photographers this trip were Anthony S, Cole K, and Mr. Matt.

Photos from the weekend can be found in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Wed May 09, 2018

Welcome, New Families! 
Keep Informed About the Exciting Opportunities Available to Your New Scout! 

Welcome to Troop 101! As you can tell already, we're a very active organization and the need to communicate to our scouts and families is essential.

To help you and your scout, we regularly post all of our events on this website.

Sign up for access. Log in or Register in the Upper right corner of this "Home Page."
Then click the arrows to expand the windows. When you do, you'll notice the "weather" tab and "are you going" tabs on the right as well as a suggested "packing list" for your scout.
Now scroll to the "Program Tools" and click on the "Calendar." Scroll to the bottom right corner and click on the "+Google Calendar" tab on the bottom to link our calendar to yours. Now you'll always know what's going on with the troop.

You can return to the home page at any time by clicking the Troop Logo, top Left.

Now that you have the basics down, venture around the site, and see all that's available to you and your scout.

Remember to remind your scout it is his responsibility to stay informed and keep informed as we're here to help him to grow into an independent and self sufficient young leader in a safe learning environment. His Patrol Leader is his guide and mentor. Remind your scout to find him first with any questions he may have because his Patrol Leader knows EVERYTHING!

Again, Welcome!

Sun Apr 29, 2018

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

It was another 101-derful weekend on our April camping trip to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The Troop stayed on base, and did some hiking and biking before spending the afternoon at the National Air Force Museum.

Photos from the Trip are now online, in the Troop Gallery. be sure to check them out! Photographers this trip were Chris M., Niko M., and Mr. Matt.

Photos can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Mar 11, 2018

Nelson Ledges to Chickagami Backpackin

Over the weekend the Troop took a trip over to Nelson Ledges.  They took turns exploring the ledges while also learning about First Aid, Proper Packing, and Trail Stove use.

After the morning activities, they backpacked about 5 miles from the ledges over to Chickagami Park.  There they setup for dinner and prepared some tasty chicken.

Sunday morning, the Troop enjoyed Pancakes at the Parkman Community center.

Photos can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Feb 11, 2018

Winter Olympics at Beaumont

Over the weekend Troop 101 went camping at Beumont Scout Reservation.  The theme for the trip was Winter Olympics

Saturday Morning they practiced their Fire building Skills to light the Olympic Torch, then proceeded to participate in several events to test their skills. 

The snow was too good to pass up, so one event changed to Snow Structure 101, where the patrols were given 40 minutes to impress the judges with a structure made of Snow.  We got an Igloo, Snowman, and a slope for boarding.

The evening ended with Falcon taking the Gold, and the Troop enjoying a nice dinner from Cockeye BBQ.  Before bed, they enjoyed a movie.  This will be one trip they're sure to remember.

Photos can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sat Jan 13, 2018

Winter Challenge at Camp Stambaugh

A Slow drive into camp, with weather in the teens this morning, but the Scouts went out into the cold to participate in the Klondike Derby at Camp Stambaugh.

Falcon Patrol took First place in the Patrol Rankings, while Troop 8 took first in the overall by Troop.

Asking the youth, they enjoyed the trip, and said it was a lot of fun. Now with everyone back home, warm and relaxing, we look forward to the Tuesday Scout meeting. A great start to 2018!

Photos can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Nov 12, 2017

Seven Ranges Campout 

Back from an exciting weekend at Seven Ranges. This was our final camping trip of 2017, but there will be more adventures to come in 2018!

It was a cool weekend, but the events were fun, and the Star Wars theme made it a trip to remember.

Check out the photos from the weekend in the Troop Gallery! Next up, the Troop Christmas party. See you in December!

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Gallery.

Mon Oct 16, 2017

Great Trail Council - Scouters' News

The Scouters' News is published monthly for the volunteers of the Great Trail Council, if you would like notification when a new edition is available, please visit this link to sign up: Scouters' News

Sun Oct 15, 2017

Morrison Run Backpacking 

It's that time again! The Troop spent the weekend backpacking the trails at Morrison Run. Photos from the trip can now be found in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out! 

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Gallery.

Fri Sep 22, 2017
If you have an older book, you should print THESE REPLACEMENT PAGES so that you are up to date with the requirements that became mandatory on 1/1/17.  You do not lose credit for any requirements completed, but you must meet all the new requirements in order to advance to the next rank. 

The Conservation Project requirement for Life seems to cause a lot of confusion for Scouts

The best and most consistent source we have is the BSA’s “Conservation Good Turn” award which can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

Although you DO NOT need to complete this award to satisfy the requirement, we do ask that you use it as a guide when you and your patrol together explorer patrol projects that would.  The following is an excerpt which should serve as your guide when organizing projects that would satisfy the requirement:

Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers - Suggested projects include, but are not limited to

  1. Plant shrubs to provide food and cover for wildlife.
  2. Build and set out bird and squirrel nesting boxes.
  3. Conduct stream improvement projects to prevent erosion.
  4. Plant grasses and legumes to provide ground cover in schoolyards, public parks, and recreation areas.
  5. Plant tree seedlings as part of a managed forestry plan.
  6. Help thin and prune woodlands in a managed tree improvement project.
  7. With a local forester, take part in or conduct a forest fire prevention program.
  8. Make an exhibit on conservation for a county fair.
  9. Develop a nature trail in a public park.
  10.  Assist a local forester in a tree insect- and disease-control or public education project.
  11. Assist a local agency with a trout stream restoration project.
  12. Participate in a wildlife or wildfowl count.
  13. Conduct a rodent-control and public health education program under the guidance of the local health department or agency responsible for rodent control.

To verify the completion/satisfaction of this requirement, we ask that you FIRST arrange the project with either the Campmaster or Ranger of the facility, THEN carry out the project and have the Campmaster/Ranger document and verify the hours worked and that the project was satisfactorily completed. 

Sun Sep 17, 2017

Mosquito Lake 

The Troop returns from Mosquito Lake!  It was our first time camping there, and it's so close to home.  The morning program involved the kidnapping of our SPL, and a series of clues and challenges to find him, resulting in an all out water balloon fight.  The evening was filled with canoeing, swimming, frisbee golf, and a Pizza Contest.  The weather even smiled down on us.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Gallery.

Sun Sep 03, 2017

The Service for Mr. P is this Sunday, September 3 and will begin around 2pm at Blessed Sacrament (3020 Reeves Rd NE, Warren, OH 44483). The family is asking that no photos be taken during the service.  It will be recorded for those unable to attend. This will be a closed casket event, and is expected to last about an hour.

Following the service, a slide show and reception will be held in Reagan Hall where those in attendance will be invited to speak and share memories. This will last as long as people are willing to visit.

The Obituary can be viewed here.

The Jim Potjunas Troop 101 Scout Center will be open for those that wish to view it. We encourage everyone to take a look.

Scouts available Sunday at 1 pm are asked to help set up tables and chairs in Reagan hall for use after the service.

Yours in Scouting,

Matt McCracken

Sat Jul 15, 2017

Summer Camp 

The Troop returns from our annual Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc! Lots of advancement and fun was had, even with all the rain early in the week. Our Investigative young scouts even solved the Camp mystery theme, and helped find the stolen Moose.
Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Gallery.

Videos of Marching, and other fun activities will be uploaded tomorrow, so also look forward to those!

Sun Jun 18, 2017

Family Camp 

A little unusual, but we had beautiful weather for our annual Family Camp weekend at Pymatuning State Park.  There was lots of sun and fun canoeing and swimming in the lake.

Photos from are now online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!  

Sun May 28, 2017

Building Dedication 

Today we dedicated the Troop building.  To see photos from the event, check them out in the Troop Gallery.

We were also featured on WKBN.  Check it out here:

Sat May 27, 2017

Oakwood Service Project 

The Troop took the morning to place flags and flowers on the veterans' graves at Oakwood cemetery.

Photos from are now online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun May 21, 2017

Moraine State Park 

The Troop has returned from Moraine State Park. It was an excellent weekend of canoeing, tomahawk throwing, Totin' Chip, and more.

Photos from the trip are online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Mar 12, 2017

Nelson Ledges to Chickagami Park 

The Troop has returned from a cool weekend exploring Nelson Ledges and a hike to Chickagami Park.  After relaxing for the evening they took another hike over to the Parkman Community House for some pancakes before heading home.

Photos from the trip are online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Thu Mar 09, 2017

Good Friday Fish Fry 

Visit the historic Camp Manatoc Dining Hall
Friday April 14th, 2017 from 5:00pm to 7:00 pm.

Fish, cole slaw, seasoned fries, baked rigatoni with sauce, cookies, coffee, and punch!

Adults $10, Kids (Age 5-12) $6, 4 and under Free

Questions, call Chris at 330-657-2418.  
Pay at the door, cash only.

RSVP by April 12th, just leave a count on the answering machine
See Flyer for more

Sun Feb 12, 2017

Beaumont & Tubing 

Back from a weekend full of mud and snow, the Troop returns from Beaumont. On Saturday they got to head over and do some Snow Tubing before calling it a day. The weather got warm, and the mud came out, but they had fun.

Photos from the trip are online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Sun Jan 15, 2017

Winter Event 

The Troop is back from Camp Stigwandish where a 101 Winter Event was held. There were plenty of fun events throughout the day, and it was concluded with a sled race through the mud.

The weather was cold, but the competitions were heated. By the end of the day, the Bobcat patrol took first place.

Photos from the trip are online in the Troop Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Tue Dec 20, 2016

National High Adventure Opportunities for older Scouts PLUS our own week-long Canadian Canoe Trip this August!

Check it out!

Mon Oct 24, 2016

Halloween Party

A night of fun, and a few scares.  The Troop Halloween party took place this evening.  Photos from the event can be found in the Troop Gallery!  Be sure to check them out!

Thu Oct 20, 2016

Troop 101 Scouts have a special opportunity over the next few months to participate in some great programs!

On Thursday, December 1, the Troop 101 Honor Guard will present the flag for the opening of the Cavaliers / Lakers game in Cleveland.

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, at 12:15 PM, the Troop 101 Honor Guard will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, DC.  Changing-of-the-Guard 

How does a scout get to participate and join the Honor Guard?  Between now and each activity, Scouts are being judged on three criteria.  Those with the most points get to participate.

  1. Uniform / Impression - is it neat and pressed?  Are all the patches on and in the right places?  Do you wear it every week?  Beyond just the uniform, do you make a favorable impression when people observe you?
  2. Attendance / Participation - Scouts who want this opportunity are the ones who are attending meetings and events regularly.  And they are not just attending, they are participating and contributing to their patrol and the troop.
  3. Marching / Flag Handling - can you keep in step?  Can you do a proper about face without landing on your face?  Mr. Szewczyk and other ASM's will be at meetings 30 minutes early to help those interested in learning and drilling.

Additional details on the Washington DC trip:  Feb 17 (Friday) leave Warren early am, 18th Saturday 1130 have to be at Arlington Tomb of Unknown Soldier. The actual presentation is at 12:15 (possible tour after) 4 Honor Guard Scouts will present, 4 Honor Guard will be on either side of stairs (2 on each side) other scouts will be behind them on the stairs all in uniform. Dads/Moms in uniform will be on the back row on top. Feb 19th tour Military Units and Museums around DC. Feb 20th drive home. 

Tue Sep 13, 2016
It's Popcorn Time!

Troop 101 is selling Popcorn, and we are ready to take your order!  If you live local, please email, and a scout will contact you with a catalog of gourmet popcorn flavors.

If you live out of town, or would like to customize a 2 gallon or 3 gallon tin, order online at  At checkout, enter Seller ID: 65326. If you would like to credit a specific scout, forward your order confirmation to with the scout's name. 

Thank you for supporting Troop 101!

Sun Sep 11, 2016

Camping at McKinley

This trip to Camp McKinley was an exciting one! There was archery, rappelling and other fun activities. The weekend was very nice other than the rain on Saturday night. There was also two -pairs of First Class campers here too. 

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Gallery!

Sat Jul 16, 2016
Summer Camp at Manatoc

WOW! Has it been a week already?

The Troop returned this morning from a week at Camp Manatoc. It was a fun-filled week, and was mostly good weather.

Our Wednesday court was supposed to have rain, but the sun showed through and provided the perfect weather! Just wait for the next one, you should see the merit badges!

Be sure to check out all the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery

Photos from the trip are now online in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun Jun 19, 2016
Family Camp

Photos from Family Camp are now online! What a perfect weekend of Sun and Fun. The weather was beautiful. Take a look through the gallery, and check out all the fun. 

Photos from the trip are now online in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun May 22, 2016
Cook Forest

The weekend at Cook Forest was a good one. A few bumps on the way to camp, but the hiking and canoeing went well and was a good time.

A pair of First Class Campers also camped this weekend. It will be determined tomorrow if they met the requirements and passed.

All the photos from the trip have been added to the gallery. Look forward to the photos from the next trip!

Photos from the trip are now online in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun Apr 24, 2016
Camp Butler

A lot of fun activities at camp Butler this weekend.  It was a cool day, but that didn't stop a few from running around in shorts and t-shirts all day!

Photos from the trip are now online in the Troop Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun Mar 06, 2016

The cold didn't stop the troop from having a good time this weekend. Sounds like everyone enjoyed the Star Wars themed events, and photos do the trip more justice than words.

Photos from the trip have been posted in the Troop Photo Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!

Sun Feb 21, 2016


Friday night was an event in itself, with snow reaching the tops of boots, and tires spinning on the slopes.

Saturday, the inches of snow turned into snow creations, then melted away to reveal the mud below. The rockets fizzed, the catapults caused snowballs to soar, and the sun shone high in the sky, warming our February trip to Custalogatown.

Photos from the trip have been posted in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Wed Jan 27, 2016

Winter Event

This year they changed it up, with Winter Event being held at Perkins Park. Scouts spent the day running around the park, competing in several challenges. After the events ended for the day, they went over to the former YMCA building to swim, play games in the gym, and eat pizza.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery. More photos are expected, so check back soon for more.

Sun Dec 06, 2015

Christmas Party

It was a fun evening of games, snacks, and 3D Printing & Scanning.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Sun Nov 15, 2015

Seven Ranges

It was a pretty windy weekend, but the sun was out, and the good times were plenty! We just wrapped up the November camping trip at Seven Ranges. We built a tower, traversed a mine field, built fires, practiced first aid, and more!

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Also, check out a video of the tower being raised.

Mon Nov 02, 2015

Halloween Party

There was something spooky going on tonight! Check out the photos from our annual Halloween Party!

Special thanks to Eagles Wings and the Owl Patrol for putting everything together.

Excellent costumes everyone!

Sun Oct 25, 2015

Oil Creek Backpacking Campout

The colors of the trees, and laughter along the trail.  The troop just got back from hiking around 8 miles around Oil Creek State park.  There were many steep climbs, but they conquered them all and got back to camp before the heavy rains.

Be sure to check out photos from the trip in the Troop Photo Gallery

Sun Sep 13, 2015

McKinley Campout

A wet weekend, but a fun one! The troop is back from the September camping trip at Camp McKinley.

There were many fun activities, including Rappelling, Tomahawk Throwing, and a Scavenger hunt. Check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery

Tue Sep 08, 2015

Troop 101 is selling Popcorn, and we are ready to take your order!  If you live local, please email, and a scout will contact you with a catalog of gourmet popcorn flavors.

If you live out of town, or would like to customize a 2 gallon or 3 gallon tin, order online at  At checkout, enter Seller ID: 71017. If you would like to credit a specific scout, forward your order confirmation to with the scout's name. 

Thank you for supporting Troop 101!

Mon Aug 17, 2015

C&O Canal Bike Trip & Gettysburg Tour

Six days of biking, 184 miles of fun! Last week the Troop travelled along the C&O Canal Towpath. On the sixth day, the Troop then drove to Gettysburg to tour for the remainder of the Trip.

As always, special thanks go out to the Support Crew for making this trip possible! You're the best!!!

Mr. Matt will be gathering photos tonight at the Troop meeting, so be sure to bring your photos if you went. Photos will be online for viewing tomorrow morning! Be sure to check them out!  Photos will be uploaded in the Troop Photo Gallery

Sat Jul 18, 2015

Summer Camp at Manatoc

Another exciting year at Camp Manatoc!  Many scouts earned a new rank, and there are some cool merit badges to be presented at the next court of honor.  Out time here at Manatoc has come to an end this year, but do not fear, for to these things, we shall return!

See the entire camp marching Friday night on Youtube:

Photos can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery

Sun Jun 14, 2015

Family Camp & 40th Reunion

True to 101 camping, it rained, but that didn't dampen our spirits as we celebrated and had fun this weekend.  A lot of history and stories were shared between generations near and far.  One of our Eagles even flew in from Alaska to visit!

The day started like most family camp trips, canoeing around Pymatuning, but took a turn after lunch when each patrol was handed a frozen t-shirt, and told the first one to put it on would win a special treat.  Competition was fierce, but the Owl Patrol took the lead and secured victory.

The group spent the remainder of the afternoon over at the lake swimming and playing with a Frisbee.  Meanwhile, back in camp, dinner slowly turned over coals and guests began arriving from near and far.

Dinner was excellent, from sides to the main dish, an Ox Roast... 100 lbs of it!  Special thanks go to Erik Hoover of Cockeye BBQ and Matt Kassos of Premium Meats!  Both dad's have Scouts in the Troop.

After dinner we had a campfire led by Dr. Ken LaPolla.  Songs and skits, followed by a short slideshow highlighting our last 40 years.

Photos from the event can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery.  If you took photos, please send a disk to Mr. Matt or Jim Potjunas with your photos so we can add them to our collection.  Please print your name on the disk so we know who to thank.

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend, or help with the Event.  We would also like to give a shout out to the Kuszmaul family for the extra hours and time they put into this past weekend!

Sun May 10, 2015

Stambaugh Mill Creek Hike

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! And for our gift to you, we brought your sons back. It was a warm weekend, with some nice hiking along the trail at Mill Creek Park, some service hours at Camp Stambaugh, and all around good time!

Check out the photos from the weekend in the Troop Photo Gallery

And a reminder that the $100 deposit for Summer Camp is due Monday, May 11!

Sun Apr 26, 2015

Butler bike trip, kicks off a year of biking

The Troop kicked off our year of biking this weekend. We took a nice ride along the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath.  Five crews set out along the towpath, and everyone completed it with little trouble.  Are you ready for the big trip in August?

Check out the photos from the weekend in the Troop Photo Gallery

We also kicked off the T-Shirt design contest for the Bike Trip this August.  The contest is open to all registered youth and adults in the Troop.  Concept designs will be accepted, send your submission to  All designs are Due by July 4th.  Voting on the designs will take place at Summer camp, July 12.

For past Bike Trip shirts, click here

Sun Mar 22, 2015

Nelson Ledges / Chickagami

In case you missed it, the Troop went hiking from Nelson Ledges to Chickagami this weekend. It was another great 101 weekend! Check out the photos from the weekend in the Troop Photo Gallery

Sun Feb 22, 2015

Manatoc Camp & Snow Tubing

The troop just spent a cool weekend at Camp Manatoc building fires, lashing tripods, and tubing at Brandywine!

Just take a look at the photos online in the Troop Photo Gallery

Tue Jan 27, 2015

Troop Turns 40!!! Big Reunion Coming!

The Troop will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary during our annual "Family Camp" at Pymatuning State Park. 

Join us for dinner ($10) or for an additional $10 get every other meal and camp for the weekend!

Scouts, Alumni, and family members are encouraged to visit with us and celebrate the last 40 years.

There will be games, canoeing, swimming, memorabilia displays, a campfire, flag retirement, an Ox Roast and much more!

Come for supper, come for the day, come for the weekend, just come!

To pay online, or to register for the event, click here:

Sun Jan 25, 2015

Some Winter Fun at Stambaugh

Congratulations to Liberty patrol for ranking in the top 6 for this year's district Winter Event!  Congratulations to our other patrols for excellent scores at all the Events!  It was an exciting year with sled building, Yeti Racing, Tomahawk Throwing, Scouting Skills and more!  Photos from the weekend are now posted in the Troop 101 Photo Gallery.  Be sure to take a moment and check them out.

Wonder how well you did on an event?  Check out the Scores by clicking here!

Sun Nov 09, 2014
Tomlinson Run

And so we add another awesome camp out to the Troop 101 history books. The troop took on some cool games and activities this weekend for a lot of fun. Even the weather cooperated with us for this beautiful weekend.

Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery

Mon Oct 27, 2014
Troop Halloween Party

The woods are full of Ghouls at night, and Troop 101 was in for a fright! Hope everyone had an excellent time at tonight’s Halloween party. Photos from the event are in the Troop Photo Gallery. Special thanks to Eagles Wings for putting the party together, and the Owl Patrol for setup, and the Haunted Trail.

Costume Contest winners were: 
Brigid F. – Sibling (Racoon Girl)
Chris P. – Scariest (Bowling Pin Killer)
Anthony S. – Funniest (Sebo, the SPL)
Gage K. – Most Creative/Original (Storm Trooper)
Max M. – Cutest (The Jester)
Tyler C. – Best Overall (Minecraft)

Pumpkin Carving Winner: Zach H.

Congratulations everyone!

Tue Oct 21, 2014
Morrison Run Backpacking Trip

The October hike was a cool place to be... and wet, maybe a little muddy. But that didn't dampen their spirits as Troop 101 backpacked the Morrison Run Trail. 

Photos from the trip are online. Be sure to check them out!

Mon Oct 06, 2014
Wilderness Survival

A group took on the wilds this past weekend.  The goal... survival.  The Wilderness Survival weekend was a chance for this group to practice the skills needed to survive should they ever be lost in the wilderness.  They practiced building shelters, making fires, finding food, first aid, and signaling.  I'm not sure if they ate anything, we'll have to ask them how they did.

Check out the photos from the weekend in the photo gallery.  What do you think?  Would you survive?

Sun Sep 07, 2014
McKinley Campout

It might have rained a little, but that certainly didn't dampen the scout spirit this weekend. It was a fun trip with compass games and first class camping skills!

Take a look at the photos from this weekend in the Troop Photo Gallery. Lots of Photos!

Tue Sep 02, 2014

Troop 101 is selling Popcorn, and we are ready to take your order!  If you live local, please email, and a scout will contact you with a catalog of gourmet popcorn flavors.

If you live out of town, order online at  At checkout, enter Seller ID: 34JH270. If you would like to credit a specific scout, forward your order confirmation to with the scout's name. 

Thank you for supporting Troop 101!

Scouts that would like to sell online should email Mr. Matt!

Sun Aug 17, 2014

Algonquin, Canada Base Camp

Some stayed for the second week, and for many it was the first trip to Algonquin Park. Although it got a bit cold and wet, the trip up north was certainly a fun time. Be sure to check out photos from the trip in the Troop 101 Photo Gallery

Sometimes great videos are created while camping. Those videos have a home on our Troop website... have you seen them?  Head over to our Troop Video Gallery to check out some from this past week in Canada.

Here are a couple links to things in Algonquin:
Webcam at the Welcome Center
Interactive Trail Maps

Sun Aug 17, 2014

Algonquin High Adventure Canoe Trip

They traveled far, from lake to lake. It was a journey they will all remember! Photos from the Algonquin High Adventure Canoe Trip are now online. When you have a moment, ask someone who went on the trip about it. It sounds like they had a lot of fun!

Check out the Photos Here!

Thu Jul 17, 2014

God and Life Award

Mr. Young and Mr. Padula will be starting the last segment in the PRAY series, God and Life.  This is for youth in grades 9 – 12 of the Protestant faith.  This series will begin mid-August.  All youth interested or have any questions, please contact Mr. Young or Mr. Padula a.s.a.p. so the material can be ordered before the start of the classes.

For more information go to:

Sat Jul 12, 2014
Summer Camp - To These Things We Shall Return

Back from a week at Camp Manatoc, what a great week! Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

To all the scouts, Congratulations and well done on the requirements and Merit badges completed at camp. Next month is Algonquin. Look forward to it!

Interested in seeing the marching?  Well, you're in luck, Troop 101's got three videos of marching.  These videos show all Troops at camp during the fourth week.

Parade Field (by the flagpole - Friday)

Tue Jun 17, 2014

All youth who are 14 years of age or have completed the 8th grade are invited!

The Greater Western Reserve Council and the Ashtabula Rod and Gun Club are hosting a youth shooting weekend. June 27th, 28th, and 29th.

Camping Friday night

Shooting Saturday & camping Saturday Night

Depart Sunday morning early

Register Online now

If you have every wanted to try a new sport or find out what Venturing is about, this is your chance!

contact: Barry Palmer 440-812-8393

Sun Jun 08, 2014
Family Camp is Fun in the Sun!

An excellent weekend of fun, the sun was shining and the breeze was cool. We hope everyone enjoyed the trip and look forward to seeing you at next year's Family Camp, which will be the 40th anniversary.

Until then, you can check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery 

Tue Jun 03, 2014
Troop Alumni Association Hits Amazon Smile

Just in case you weren't spending enough on, now every purchase you make can support a non-profit charitable organization.

That's right!  You can support Troop 101 when buying things on  The new AmazonSmile program is a program where Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase, of eligible items, to the charity of your choice, and we hope you'll choose us!

A half a percent isn't much, and won't replace our annual fund-raisers, but it adds up over time and is a great way to support our program.

Looking to get started?  It's easy, just click this link:

After that, all you have to do is shop.  Oh! and by the way, if you have Amazon Prime, no worries!  You're purchases on AmazonSmile are still eligible for prime shipping just like before.

Thanks for the support!

Sat May 24, 2014
Memorial Day Grave Decorating

Thanks to the Scouts that made it out this morning for the Oakwood Cemetery Grave Decorating Service Project.  Photos from the event can be found in the Troop Photo Gallery

Thu May 22, 2014
Elks Club Open House

The Elks club is holding an Open House on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM.  They are inviting everyone to come swim for free.  There will be family entertainment and activities for the day.  Check out the flyer for more information.

Thu May 22, 2014
Elks Club Special Pricing for Troop 101 Families

The Elks Club is once again offering Troop 101 Families the chance to use their pool at a special members pricing. They support us every week, so if your looking for a nice place to swim and cool off this summer, be sure to check out the special pricing. Click Here for more details.

Tue May 13, 2014
Eagle Project Fundraiser

If you're free this Saturday, stop on over to the old Chicken Coop Restaurant, future home of Cockeye BBQ, for an Eagle Scout Project Fundraiser.  The fundraiser is scheduled Noon - 3:00pm, or until the food runs out.  Be sure to get there early!

Click the photo for additional information.  Max is raising money for the Leavittsburg Food Pantry.

Tue May 13, 2014
Ohiopyle - Whitewater Rafting

A group of scouts took a trip last weekend to Ohiopyle, PA for some whitewater rafting! From what I hear, it was a mighty fun trip. Check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery!

Sun May 04, 2014
Cook Forest - Canoe and Hike

It was a little wet, and a lot of fun! The recent Trip to Cook Forest was an exciting trip that even included a few canoes flipping in the cold water.

Photos from the trip are now available online in the Troop Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Thu Apr 10, 2014
It’s almost here!!!
It’s the 36th annual Troop 101 Spaghetti Dinner at Blessed Sacrament Church
April 13, 2014 - Noon to 6 PM.

Come enjoy a great meal. You can buy a ticket from a Scout, get one at the door, or even stop in for carry-out! Pre-order 12 or more dinners and get free delivery!

When you show up, you can also bid on some really awesome gift baskets! Eagle’s Wings holds their Basket Sale at the same time!  You won’t want to miss out, as there are several awesome baskets, including a kayak!

Sun Apr 06, 2014
Wright-Patterson AFB

The Troop took a trip down to Dayton to visit Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  After a short morning hike visiting the birthplace of aviation, the Troop spent the afternoon at the Museum.  Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery.

Wed Mar 12, 2014
Philmont 2015  Announcement 

Al Fazenbaker is going to lead the Philmont Expedition for 2015.  As Al was the leader in 2012 he is ready to share another great experience with our scouts and crews, this will make Al third time going to Philmont.  We have room for 20 participants with the dates being 7-10-2015 to 7-24-2015 at a cost of approximately $1750.00.  This includes travel to and from Cimarron, New Mexico and the Philmont fees.

Anyone interest both scouts and adult leaders should contact Al at 440-969-0273, or the scout office Brandon West at 330-898-8474.  You will need to fill out an application and a deposit of $150.00.  You can get the application by clicking the image to the right.

Sun Mar 09, 2014
Nelson Ledges to Chickagami & Pancake Breakfast

What a cool weekend 
We backpacked from Nelson Ledges over to Chickagami Park. While at camp a couple rogue scouters appeared to celebrate a birthday, then Sunday we hiked over to Parkman for some awesome pancakes.

Be sure to check out the  Troop Photo Gallery  for all those awesome photos.

Sun Feb 23, 2014
Beaumont Camping Trip

It was another fun packed weekend at Camp Beaumont! Cross Country Skiing, Team building Games, and to top it off, ice cream and a movie. Everyone I asked said it was a great weekend. Be sure to check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Sat Feb 08, 2014
Troop 101 Family Toboggan Day

This morning several scouts and leaders traveled up to the Cleveland Metropark to run the Toboggan slopes. CLICK HERE to view photos of the fun!

Wed Feb 05, 2014
Several Scouts and Leaders spent Saturday, February 1, at Peak N Peak skiing with Troops 733 and 721.  Afterwards our guys stopped for wings and other good eats at Quaker Steak & Lube.  A fun day for everyone!

Tue Jan 21, 2014
Winter Event
Great job, and congratulations to Hawk Patrol, for taking first place in Fire Building, Eagle Patrol for taking First in First Aid, and Liberty Patrol for winning the Scoutmaster Stave, First place overall.  As the scouts take a moment and thaw out, be sure to head over to the Troop Photo Gallery and check out some of the awesome photos from this past weekend.
Hope to see everyone next month for Cross Country skiing.  Check out the details in the upcoming activities!

Sun Nov 10, 2013
Beaver Creek
Thanks to everyone that made the Beaver Creek camping trip a big success.  There was an Awesome Monkey bridge too.  Be sure to check out the photos in the Photo Gallery.

Mon Oct 28, 2013
Halloween Party - 2013
Did you hear that sound? Maybe it was just the wind... or maybe it's something more sinister... maybe something dead?

The Troop 101 Halloween Party was a great time, thanks to Eagles wings and the Owl Patrol for making it happen. As always, photos are available on the Troop Website:

Be sure to check them out... but there is a little bit more this year. Be sure to catch a special treat! Take a walk to help Max find his friend, along the haunted Trail! Check it out in the Troop movie Gallery:

Sun Oct 20, 2013
Raccoon Creek Backpacking
A great time was had by all this weekend at Raccoon Creek.  The photos from the trip are now online, and ready to be viewed.  Enjoy by clicking the photo, or just browsing to the photo gallery!

Mon Sep 23, 2013
Troop 101 Goes Nuts
The annual Troop 101 Peterson Nut Sale has begun, and the Troop is ready to take your Order. If you live local, please email, and a scout will contact you with a catalog of this year’s selection.

If you live out of town, check out our online Catalog at

Thank you for supporting Troop 101.

Sun Sep 08, 2013
Troop 101 Hunger Games - Camp McKinley
The games have ended, and a champion was chosen. Congratulations to the Hawk Patrol for winning this year's Hunger Games. I think they enjoyed that Prime Rib for Dinner.

Hope everyone had a great time camping this weekend and enjoyed the story, and all the events. Photos from the weekend are now online. Be sure to check them out in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Sun Aug 11, 2013
Family Camp is a lot of Fun!
The sun was shining, and there was much fun going on.  If you missed the campout, be sure to check out all the cool photos in the Photo Gallery

Mon Jul 15, 2013
National Jamboree
Monday, July 15 - Wednesday, July 24.  
Check out the GWRC blog during the National Jamboree!  Troop 101 has two scouts and one adult leader with the contingent plus two more leaders serving on staff.  Follow them by clicking on the picture.

Sat Jul 13, 2013
Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc
What a great week!  Sure it started out a bit wet, but it soon brightened up and scouts were swimming, canoeing, playing basketball, working on various merit badges, and much, much, more.
The Photos from this week's trip are now online, but be sure to check back regularly this week, because some video will be cropping up rather quick!  Check out the Photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.  We look forward to seeing everyone next month for Family Camp!

Sun Jun 16, 2013
Mahoning River Canoe Trip
Looks like everyone had fun canoeing Saturday!  That's right, the scouts are back from another amazing weekend trip.  Photos from the weekend are now online.  Josh was kind enough to take most of the photos this trip... he even managed to take more photos than Mr. Matt!!!!!

Be sure to check them out by clicking here.  While browsing, tag a couple of the people you know.  It's fun!

Wed May 22, 2013
First Aid Requirements
Mr. Norton is looking to start a First Aid Class to go over requirements for First Aid Merit badge.  If you are interested, click on the merit badge to the right to send him an email.

Sun May 19, 2013
Moraine State Park
A great weekend of canoeing and First Class Camp skills.  Be sure to check out the photos online in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Tue Apr 23, 2013

Elks Club Special Pricing for Troop 101 Families

The Elks Club is once again offering Troop 101 Families the chance to use their pool at a special members pricing. They support us every week, so if your looking for a nice place to swim and cool off this summer, be sure to check out the special pricing. Click Here for more details.

Sun Apr 14, 2013
Raccoon Creek is a crazy fun place!
That's right, we're back from another great Troop 101 camp outing. It was a fun week that started off with an excellent demo on Patrol Box care, only to be interrupted by a crazy man with a hat.... guess you had to be there. If you weren't there, take a look at the photos and see all the fun you missed, if you were, check out some of those awesome moments.

If you're interested, there is also a new movie in the Troop 101 Video Gallery... That's right, the April, Raccoon Creek campfire is now available for your entertainment.

Be sure to check everything out, and we'll see you next month for some canoeing!

Photo Gallery:
Video Gallery:

Sun Mar 10, 2013
What a great weekend!  The sun was shining, and the events were well met.  Hope everyone else has as much fun this weekend as the few I got to talk to.  Great news!  The photos from the weekend are now online.  Be sure to browse on over to the  Troop Photo Gallery and check them out!

Fri Feb 15, 2013
Annual Medical Exams 5/13/13

The BSA requires every Scout and Leader to have a yearly medical exam in order to participate in the program.  All Scouts must have this completed by summer or they cannot participate in the program.  Here are some points to remember:


  • The form can be found on the troop website under summer camp
  • Sections A, B, and C must be filled out completely with all dates included
  • This means Immunization dates as well
    • If we have your form from last year, you can see Jack Norton to copy the dates over.
    • Everyone must have a tetanus shot dated between Aug 2003 and June 2013
    • If you have religious reasons for not immunizing your children, you must complete the BSA immunization deferral form.
  • We will have physicians at troop meetings on Monday, May 13th to provide physicals at no charge for those who cannot get it done through their family physician.  

Fri Feb 15, 2013
Troop 101 Supports Newtown Cub Families
When it was discovered that two of the youth killed in the Connecticut shootings were Tiger Cub Scouts, Assistant Scoutmaster Van Padula obtained a shoulder patch from their Scout Council and auctioned it off among the leaders and committee of the troop.  This resulted in accumulated donations of $300 which were sent to the fund to directly support those families.  Here is the link to the letter we received.

Mon Feb 11, 2013
Beaumont - Cross Country Skiing, Tracking and more!
A great time was had this past weekend as we learned to cross country ski, notice animal tracks and scat in the woods, and even make a whistle from deer antlers.
The photos from this weekend are now online in the Troop Photo Gallery.  Be sure to check them out!
Also, as an added bonus, be sure to check out the campfire program in the Video Gallery.

Sun Jan 20, 2013

Winter Event 2013

A Great time was had by everyone this weekend. The Events were both competitive and fun. Wondering how your patrol did? Click Here to download the Excel score sheet to see how your patrol stacks up. If you don't know or can't remember your Patrol Numbers were: 9 (Bobcat), 10 (Beaver), 11 (Hawk), and 12 (Great Horned Owls). The First batch of Photos are online now with more to come!

Special thanks to all of the adults that helped run this year's events! Be sure to check out the photos online in the Troop Photo gallery.

Tue Dec 18, 2012

To: National Board, Advisory Council, and our BSA family:

We are all struggling to come to grips with the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. I have the sad responsibility to report that this tragedy has also struck within the Scouting family.

We’ve been informed two of the young victims, 7-year-old Chase Kowalski and 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, were new Tiger Cub Scouts with Pack 170 in the Connecticut Yankee Council. In addition, three of the victims were siblings of other boys in Pack 170. Victoria Soto, one of the hero teachers, was an Explorer as a youth.

Please join me in remembering these victims and families in your prayers.

We have been in touch with council leadership. The National Council is offering any support possible during this difficult time. 

Working with the leadership of Pack 170, the Connecticut Yankee Council has established a memorial fund in support of the five families. If interested, donations, cards, and letters can be sent to the Pack 170 Memorial Fund, c/o Connecticut Yankee Council, P.O. Box 32, Milford, CT 06460

God bless everyone as we take a step back and think about the safety and well-being of our own families and loved ones in the midst of this national time of mourning

Sat Dec 01, 2012
New Page 1

Angels Have Arrived!

Thanks to everyone who took an Angel at the Christmas Party. Every Angel was taken!.

Sun Nov 04, 2012

Beaumont Pioneering Weekend

Hope everyone had a good time camping this weekend. Naturally the Photos are now online for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to all the guests that visited this weekend. Hope you all had a good time! Be sure to check out the photos online in the Troop Photo gallery.

Mon Oct 29, 2012

Troop Halloween Party!

The rain was falling and the wind was blowing, but we still manage to have a great time. Thanks to the Owls and Eagles Wings for the great Halloween Party this year. Not many photos thanks to the weather, but enjoy the shots we got in the Troop Photo gallery.

Sun Oct 07, 2012

Kennerdell Backpacking

The rain held back and the sun came out to say hello. This weekend was sure a fun one with some backpacking at Kenerdell. Everyone seems to have had a great time. Be sure to check out the photos online in the Troop Photo gallery.

Sun Sep 09, 2012

McKinley Campout

A little wind, a little rain, and a whole lot of fun times. The Troop has returned from the weekend trip at McKinley. Rappelling, Archery, Wilderness Survival, Utensil-less cooking, and a great game of capture the flag. Hope everone had a good time. Photos from the weekend are now in the Troop Photo gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Sun Aug 19, 2012

Troop 101 Bike Trip 2012

This morning the young men who traveled from Cumberlasd, MD. to Washington, DC. and then Gettysburgh, PA. will be returning home. It was a great trip, and one to remember. There were many great photos and videos this year, and many of the photos are now online. Click Here to check them out in the Photo Gallery

Be sure to check out the Troop Photo Gallery for photos from the trip. A couple videos have also been added to the Movie Gallery. Check it out!

Mon Jul 30, 2012

This was the last year for the current Manatoc Pool. If you have not seen the new design yet, be sure to click the image to the right to see an artist's rendition of the new building that will be ready next summer. Here's a link to photos of the construction in progress!  Work resumed in March and we get to do our swim checks there in May!

Sat Jul 14, 2012

Summer Camp at Camp Manatoc

The troop is returning from Camp Manatoc this morning with memories awards taken from their time at Camp Manatoc. I hope everyone had a great time at camp this year. Photos from the entire week have been posted online in the Troop Photo Gallery, and there are a couple videos making their way into the Troop Video Gallery. More of both will be on the way as time goes by.

If you wish you could see the other Troops marching during the Friday retreat also, check out the video on Youtube featuring all of the marching from the Friday Night retreat. Seeing those flags flying as the boys march on the parade field is still one of my favorite visual moments. We actually had enough scouters this year that we ran out of flags! Great job marching guys, one of the best years to date.

Mon Jun 25, 2012

Troop Swim Night

Hope everyone had fun at Swim night tonight! Check out the photos in the Troop Photo Gallery! There might be a couple you don't want to see, but the rest should be worth it. Oh, and Video might show up some time later this week. Stay tuned!

Mon Jun 18, 2012

Pymatuning - Family Camp

Hope everyone had a great time this weekend. The weather was beautiful and the breeze helped keep up cool. Be sure to check out the photos in the troop Photo Gallery!

Sun May 20, 2012

Mahoning River - Canoe trip

A fun weekend of canoeing on the Mahoning. Be sure to check out the photos in our Photo gallery.

Mon May 07, 2012

Elks Club Special Pricing for Troop 101 Families

The Elks Club is once again offering Troop 101 Families the chance to use their pool at a special members pricing. They support us every week, so if your looking for a nice place to swim and cool off this summer, be sure to check out the special pricing. Click Here for more details.

Sun Apr 29, 2012

Troop 101 Bike Trip T-Shirt Contest now open!!!

The Troop 101 Bike Trip T-Shirt Contest is now officially open. Shirt Designs can be submitted any time, but make sure you turn them in by Summer Camp. Check out some of the past shirts in our Photo gallery.

Check out the shirts submitted so far! If you have a design be sure to send it over to Mr. Matt

Sun Apr 29, 2012

Camp Butler - Bike Prep trip

The troop had a great time this weekend biking a little over 25 miles. Be sure to check out the photos in the Photo gallery.

Wed Apr 11, 2012
These are the folks who helped us with our Black Powder program last fall. Support them if you are able! Sunday April 22, 2012 9:30 am to 1:30pm St. William Catholic Church 5431 Mahoning Ave NW Warren, OH 44483 Adults $5 Children 5-10 yrs $3 Age 4 & under Free with a Paid Adult

Fri Mar 30, 2012
On Monday June 4th Mr. Potjunas will be honored at the 7th Annual Friends of Scouting breakfast. The breakfast will be at 7:00am followed by a program at 7:30am. If you intend on joining in on the event, be sure to RSVP by May 31. Click here to see the Save the Date PDF flyer. Hope to see you there.

Sun Mar 25, 2012

Nelson Ledges to Chickagami Backpacking Photos Now Online

The weather held out fine and the weekend was wonderful. The scouts backpacked approx. 5 miles from Nelson Ledges to Chickagami Park. Photos are in the Photo gallery, so be sure to check them out. .

Fri Mar 23, 2012

New Career Exploration Post For High School Students Interested in Careers in Law

The Trumbull County Bar Association is starting a new career interest based Exploring Post for young men and women interested in learning about careers in the field of Law.

EXPLORING is a career exploration program for young men and women ages 14-20. Our program provides an ideal link between the academic environment and real work experiences.

Law Explorer Post 4024 will hold its first meeting on April 26th from 3:30 – 4:30 at the Trumbull County Family Court Building, located at 220 South Main Avenue Warren, OH

The Post will meet monthly, giving Explorers the opportunity to meet with attorneys, judges, and elected officials. Explorers will also learn a great deal about the legislative process and a variety of specialized practices.

Please share this information with anyone, between the ages of 14-20 who are interested in the field of Law.

Space is limited – Reserve your space by April 20th by calling Alex Savakis at 330.675.2317 or email at

To join you will be asked to fill out a registration form and submit a registration fee of $16.00 which is good for one year.

Wed Mar 07, 2012
The BSA requires that every Scout and active leader have a physical exam once a year. Scouts will not be able to participate in programs such as summer camp or the bike trip without one. Later in the spring we will work with the physicians in the troop to provide exams at no charge during a meeting. However many Scouts and adults will be getting exams from their own physician anyway. It is extremely helpful if you take in the Scout Form and get it filled out at the same time.

By the time summer camp comes around, our coordinator, Jack Norton, will need to obtain over 80 forms (Parts A,B, and C) as well as copies of your insurance cards. The more we get done early, the better. You cooperation would be very much appreciated. HERE is a link to the form.

Sat Mar 03, 2012

Eagles Wings Presents The Troop 101 Cookbook!

Eagle's Wings knows that one of Troop 101's passions is cooking! One of the requirements for earning that extra "Troop 101" Eagle Scout recognition is to earn the cooking merit badge. With that in mind, we are thrilled to introduce Troop 101's first cookbook titled COOKING 101.

COOKING 101 will feature all of the camping recipes that the boys use every month, surrounded by recipes submitted by our family and friends. It's like two cookbooks in one! Our cookbook is priced at $12.00 and will make a great gift for all your family and friends!

Orders may be picked up on April 1, 2012 at Blessed Sacrament Church during our Annual Spaghetti Dinner (Noon to 6).

Sun Feb 26, 2012

Tuscazoar Photos Now Online

This Trip was a themed trip that took them on a mission to defeat a terrorist cell. Be sure to check out the many photos taken. If you have the time, also tag the photos, so that names will be remembered for years to come. Check them out in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Fri Feb 17, 2012
Advancement Changes for 2012
All current requirements can be found at:

Second Class – see requirement 5
Eagle Project Workbook
Woodwork Merit Badge – revised requirements

Minor requirement updates for: New Merit Badges
  • Archery (5, option B[f]2)
  • Astronomy (1)
  • Bugling (2b)
  • Camping (1, 9)
  • Climbing (1, 3)
  • Fly Fishing (1)
  • Graphic Arts (2)
  • Hiking (1)
  • Motorboating (1)
  • Music (3b, 3c, 4b, 4d)
  • Personal Fitness (8)
  • Scouting Heritage (2, 8)
  • Chess (2011)
  • Robotics (2011)
  • Welding (2012)

Sun Jan 22, 2012

Winter Event Photos Now Online

The Photos from Winter Event are now online. Check them out in the Troop Photo Gallery. Overall the scouts had a great time showing off their skills. To see how they did click here for a spreadsheet of the 2012 Winter Event Scores.

Sun Nov 13, 2011
Tomlinson Run Camping Trip

Another great camping weekend includeing a wonderful dry and sunny Saturday. Much fun was had and the photos are now online. Be sure to check them out in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Tue Oct 18, 2011

Backpacking at Oil Creek State Park

Several Scouts went backpacking in the rain at Oil Creek State Park.  Be sure to check out the Photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

Fri Oct 14, 2011

2012 Special Eagle Award

To celebrate the centennial of Scouting's top honor, all recipients of the Eagle Scout Award in the year 2012 will be eligible to wear a special version of the red, white, and blue badge, seen here.

Next year will mark 100 years since Arthur Rose Eldred became the BSA's first Eagle. Since that date — Aug. 21, 1912 — more than 2 million outstanding young men have earned the award. For more information click the patch to the right.

Tue Oct 04, 2011

Pope Pius XII Award

Older Catholic Scouts can sign up for this religious award offering. CLICK HERE for details.

Mon Sep 26, 2011

Troop 101 Garage Sale

The Troop is looking to sell some of its retired equipment to help pay for the new. CLICK HERE to view what we have! More items will be added as we inventory and clean out the back room. Be sure to keep an eye on the Troop and Alumni Facebook pages for new items!

Mon Sep 26, 2011

Nut Sale - Online Sales

The regular Nut Sale has passed, but you can still order online! CLICK HERE up through the end of the year and have these great products shipped directly to you for the holidays and support the troop at the same time.

If you know a Scout, you can include his name in the seller's box and he will receive credit for the sale.

Fri Sep 16, 2011

Philmont 2012 Trip

There will be a council contingent going to Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico July 7-20, 2012 (dates approximate, based on travel arrangements. Click HERE for more information.

Sun Sep 11, 2011

Historic Camping Trip

A good time was had by the troop this weekend learning Primitive Fires, Bullet Molding, Archery, Black Powder, Old Time Cooking and Rappelling. Be sure to check out the Photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

More photos will be added to the Gallery in the upcoming week, when I get them.

Sun Sep 11, 2011
A good time was had by the troop this weekend learning Primitive Fires, Bullet Molding, Archery, Black Powder, Old Time Cooking and Rappelling. Be sure to check out the Photos in the Troop Photo Gallery.

More photos will be added to the Gallery in the upcoming week, when I get them.

Sun Aug 21, 2011

Both the Troops High Adventure Canoe Trip and the Base Camp Adventure have come to a close. They were both weeks of fun... and Photos. It may take a week to get through the Photo Gallery, so be sure your ready to take a trip when you start. To help sort out the Photos from both Trips there will be a separate section just for Scenic Photos. So in total there are 4 Albums.

[High Adventure Scenic Photos] [High Adventure Trip Photos] [Base Camp Scenic Photos] [Base Camp Trip Photos]

There will be more photos to come. I'm expecting a lot more Monday Night. Those who took Photos and didn't get them to me already, please see me on Monday. It only takes a few minutes or less.

Next Month is a special Historic September Campout at McKinley. Look forward to it! As a reminder to those looking at Photos in the Gallery, if you click on the Photo a larger version of the image will open in a Pop-Up. Clicking again will close it.

Fri Aug 05, 2011

ATTENTION: The Jamboree 2013
Updated (11/19/12)

The Greater Western Reserve Council Jamboree 2013 contingent is now full.  You can still get on the waiting list to attend the FIRST National Jamboree at the Summit in 2013. The estimated cost is $1,250.  Don't let the fact that it is full keep you from signing up!  There may still be opportunities to attend.  If you are interested you MUST visit

Nominate National Jamboree Staff Now!

With so many amazing activities, staffing needs for the 2013 Jamboree are much greater than in the past.  Hundreds of younger (16-25) staff members capable of leading super high adventure activities should apply.  The Jamboree also needs mature staff members for areas of great responsibility.  You will be trained; just bring your enthusiasm!  Nominations accepted for village staff, summit center exhibits, hiking, fishing, extreme sports, technology quest, shooting sports, nature, and aquatics.  Contact with your nominee

Thu Jul 28, 2011
We've separated the Troop Photo Gallery and Video gallery. Check out the Video Gallery and take a look at all those videos!

Sat Jul 16, 2011
The fun week at Summer Camp is over, and everyone is back home. Photos and a couple Videos have been posted in the Troop Photo Gallery. Don't forget to check them out.

Next Month are our two big trips to Canada!!! we Look forward to seeing you their.

Sun Jun 19, 2011
Hope everyone had fun at Family Camp this past weekend. It was a great time to see the scouts cook and canoe as well as take trips in the Sailboat. Special thanks to Mr. Talstein for helping run that program for us. The Photos from this weekend are now online. Don't forget to check them out.

Next Month is Summer Camp. we Look forward to seeing you their.

Sun May 22, 2011
Good Weather and even the Sun! This weekend our scouts enjoyed hiking through the wooded trails of Cook Forrest as well as canoe the tranquil waters of the Clarion River. Some of the Photos From the trip have been posted online in our Photo Gallery, and many more will be added when our Other Photographers bring in their photos Tomorrow Night.

Saturday we will be doing our annual service project at Oakwood Cemetary and Next Month we will be attending Family Camp.

Sun Apr 10, 2011
A great backpacking trip. The weather was nice and the trip went well. I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did. Check out the Photos in the Troop Photo Gallery!

Sun Jan 16, 2011
A great Winter Event has come and gone. The photos are now online in the Troop Photo Gallery. Congratultations to the Owl and Bison Patrol for getting First Place with a Tie. To see how everyone did check out the the Scoresheet of every Patrol: Click Here.

Sun Nov 14, 2010
The Troop has returned from a fantastic weekend at Seven Ranges. Trebuchets and Pumpkins flying this trip was a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the first batch of Photos now online in the Troop Photo Gallery. If you took photos this weekend, please get them to Mr. Matt this Monday.

Mon Oct 25, 2010
This years Halloween party was a great sucess. Be sure to check out the Photo gallery to see all those great photos of the event.

Sun Oct 17, 2010
Another great backpacking trip. Check out the photos online in theTroop 101 Photo Gallery. There are now over 36,400 photos and videos in the gallery.

Sun Apr 25, 2010
  • The Troop section has been re-done. It is now more intuitive for members and visitors.
  • The Quartermaster's Store has also been rewritten and allows patrols to reserve some of the extra food once their menu is approved.
  • A Librarian's section has been added and library books can now be reserved on the site and picked up at the next meeting
  • An alert system has been added so registered members can choose to get emails or text messages for urgent updates like weather related last minute program changes.
  • With the new position of Troop Webmaster, several screens are now updated by our webmaster. He has notes on the members page and the ability to update the calendar for things like Patrol Meetings, Eagle Projects, etc.
  • Videos were added to the picture gallery. Now all those patrol videos from the past many years can be viewed online.
  • We have a Facebook page for both the troop and the alumni association and links were added to the site.
  • The Alumni Association also created a 'virtual museum' honoring the former Camp Chickagami and a link to that site can be found on their page.

Fri Jan 15, 2010
What Happened in 2009
  • The entire site got a 'new look'
  • Advancement Tools was added to the troop site to give a single page to find all kinds of help from basic advancement requirements to Eagle Projects.
  • The Members Section was significantly built up to make it easier for everyone to find what they needed in just one click after logging in.
  • Matt has done a bunch of stuff 'behind the scenes' to consolidate us all in one place, give enhanced security to those pages with personal information, make it easier for me to manage the site, and the list goes on and on.
  • The Alumni section got a whole new look and functionality with some things available to everyone and better new splashes to let folks know what is going on.
  • The Alumni newsletter made its debut in the 4th quarter and looks awesome!
  • Matt also enhanced the mailing features so when a Troop Scoop or Alumni Newsletter needs to go out it is very easy for us to send a note to everyone registered in the appropriate organization who has their email address up to date.
  • Matt also fixed the Calendar so it doesn't show those confusing events from one organization on another organization's page. And he color coded them so you can open them all at once and keep everything straight. It is way more useful now!

Mon Sep 01, 2008
introducing the new Members Section on the Troop page. Members log in with email and a password to gain access to the Troop Scoop, Rosters, and more. Alumni who are also registered can use the same login for this as well.

Sun Jun 01, 2008
We now have a new Alumni section with a directory for members to register, notes board and archives including over 20,000 pictures. This is all password protected. Pass the word and register today!

Tue Apr 29, 2008
  • There is a brand new Advancement Tools page that can be found in the left hand column of the Troop page. It has lots of help for all things related to advancement.
  • The Troop Scoop link has been relocated to the Roster page so that it requires a password. If you need that password, email Mr. P.
  • Activities, rosters, etc. have all been updated.
  • The Alumni section has been redone (Thanks, Matt!) Any alumni who fill out the survey are now sent an email to activate their account. The alumni section contains most of the troop archives, an address book so alumni can be in touch with other members, and a notes board they can use to update everyone with current happenings.

Thu Jan 10, 2008
the untimely 'death' of our troop sailboat marked the beginning of our website makeover. Current news now appears on the first page and is updated monthly. If you click the details about the sailboat you will see a new look we are taking on as the makeover proceeds. There are many more changes in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Sun Dec 23, 2007
Troop Activities, calendar, new Troop Scoop - all updated.Alumni email directory has been updated with all the information from folks who filled out the survey.

Wed Sep 19, 2007
Troop Activities, calendar, etc. have been updated through September 2008. The Alumni pages have undergone a major overhaul as the Alumni Board of Directors is putting out surveys, etc. Photo Archives are approaching 20,000!

Thu Jan 18, 2007
On the photo page is now an archive banner with pictures of the more than 30 years of our troop. There are more than 15,000 photos! Thank-you, Matt McCracken!

Sun Aug 06, 2006
we have reformatted the site slightly to place marquee's on the TROOP, PACK, EAGLE'S WINGS, and when needed, ALUMNI pages. That way messages are more directed at the particular organization. The pictures issue has been resolved and there are plenty of current photos online of events!

Fri Jan 06, 2006
Alumni - The Pie Baking Recipes from the reunion are now available, right above the new Trailer campaign.

Sat Oct 22, 2005
Troop - Roster, activities page, Wish List, etc; Pack - several updates this past month to program, uniform, etc. We are constantly updating the regular programs and many of those changes are too numerous to mention here. Also we reformatted the buttons for the Links, Pictures, and Discussion Thread in hopes they would stand out more and get a bit more use.

Thu Sep 01, 2005
Venture - it is with great regret that we have inactivated this program due to a lack of a leadership team to run it.

Sun Jun 05, 2005
Troop - Activities page updated; Pack - page updated to show new leadership, Alumni - updated with order info and recap of the reunion.

Fri Apr 22, 2005
ALUMNI reunion details posted on the Alumni Page! Please check it out and come join us!

Sun Feb 13, 2005
Alumni - details of the Reunion are posted and being updated regularly. We are also trying to keep the Alumni Email Directory as current as we can.Troop - new tools to help Eagle Scout candidates with their projects under theTroop Programs page.

Fri Dec 03, 2004
Eagle's Wings posted Salvation Army Service Project information.

Tue Nov 09, 2004
Alumni - Posted notice about the reunion and the 101'st Eagle.

Sun Jul 04, 2004
Troop - Summer Camp updated; Troop Meeting moved to Tuesday this week; Rosters are continually updated. Troop Activities Page has become the centerpiece for current events.

Sun Feb 08, 2004
Troop activities page reflects new MB requirements, upcoming campout and Winter Event results. Venture Crew calendar and roster are all updated and current. Eagle's Wings spaghetti dinner planning starting, see banner on front page. Alumni info about reunion on their page. We continue to add Alumni email addresses as people send them to us. Bugle Calls have been placed on the Troop program page.

Tue Nov 18, 2003
Eagle's Wings has all their Angel Tree Project information on their page. The Troop has added several downloadable files throughout their section.

Thu Oct 02, 2003
Alumni notification of the upcoming reunion and eagle countdown as well as updating the email directory.

Fri Aug 29, 2003
Troop and Venture Crew rosters updated; new Troop Scoopposted; this past summer we added a marquee banner to the front page of the site so all groups could submit breaking news. Troop Wish List is getting updated.

Mon Aug 25, 2003
We now have an FTP server which enables us to put any file up on the site and create a download link. Presently this is done with the roster, the troop meeting programs and we are updating the troop activities page each month to have the current map to the campout as well as the Quartermaster's leftover food list and duty roster and other forms.

Sat Feb 01, 2003
Updated the Venture Crew roster and their advancement resource page.

Thu Jan 02, 2003
Fixed Jan / Feb Troop Scoop to correct the errors from the printed edition.

Fri Dec 20, 2002
Updated Troop Activities, Eagle's Wings page to show that their meeting minutes are on the Discussion Thread as well as recipes from the Christmas party. Also Alumni Archives.

Tue Nov 12, 2002
Updated Troop roster and calendar. Posted new Troop Scoop. Also updated Alumni email list.

Tue Oct 01, 2002
Updated Troop roster, new meeting program sheet for the new SPL, also updated Alumni email list.

Thu Aug 22, 2002
Catching up from additions over the entire summer:
Troop: Many pictures have been added. Calendar has been updated through the end of 2002. The roster is current. The wish list is updated, but we have more wishes to update soon! The Sept/Oct. Troop Scoop is there and the meeting programs are for the Talstein term.
Pack: The calendar has been updated. We have nothing new for their events page. Sorry.
Crew: Officers are current now and the Crew Newsletter is posted on their activities page. We don't have a current roster from them.
Alumni: some updates to the archives.
Eagle's Wings - Minutes from their August meeting are posted on the front page. They have new officers and a new structure.

Mon Feb 04, 2002
The site was down for a couple of days due to a server crash. It's now back up and i have created a back up of it so that we can retrieve it faster in the future

Sun Jan 27, 2002
Several recipes that have been requested were added to the patrol leaders' cookbook.

Fri Jan 04, 2002
The Troop Scoop for January / February is posted. Email addresses and other changes received over the holidays have also been updated. Some new recipes that were requested were added to the Eagle's Wings section.Alumni Campout archives have been updated.

Sat Dec 15, 2001
Check out Chris Whitehead on the Alumni page! Picture and story of him as honor guard and on the front of the Air Force Academy 2002 calendar. Good job, Chris!

Sat Dec 01, 2001
Eagle's Wings has their details for the Salvation Army Angel Service Project posted on their page. If you would like to participate, call Sandy Potjunas at 856-1655 at once!

Fri Oct 26, 2001
The Troop Scoop has been updated with the November/December issue.

Thu Oct 25, 2001
Most of the Troop pictures have been labeled. We have some security stuff to fix before we can finish the Pack and the Crew.

Sun Oct 21, 2001
All discussion threads were cleared and we are starting over with specific discussion folders for each 101 group. Yes, we know the Calendar is acting a bit quirky. We asked the guys to take a look at it.

Mon Oct 01, 2001
The entire site has been reformatted to have a better look and to load faster onto your computer. We hope you like the changes and we are continuing to work on it. Thanks so much to Mike Kunz, his friend, Dean and to AJ for their efforts.

Fri May 18, 2001
Under Troop events you will find the current copy of the Troop Scoop. Also all the information about Summer Camp is there, including the booklet, downloadable physical forms as well as maps and directions. The troop roster has also been updated.

Thu Apr 12, 2001
There is a new Alumni Email directory. Also many updates to troop, pack and crew. Calendars, rosters, etc.

Sat Jan 06, 2001
There are new pictures posted from the Troop bike trip and others. More are coming, thanks to Scott Dobos. The current issue of the Troop Scoop now appears under Troop/Activities. There is also a Venture Activities page that has been added.

Fri Dec 15, 2000
Under Troop Programs you will find the SPL's troop meeting planner sheet. There is also a link to the Alumni Archives SPL page where you will find those of past SPL's. Also, the Troop Photo Contest Rules have been updated for 2001.

Wed Dec 13, 2000
The Pack page has Christmas Party information! There is a new format for the Troop Calendar that more closely resembles the other two organizations. It isn't done yet, but it makes it easier for us to keep it updated!

Fri Nov 24, 2000
Troop Calendar is updated. It has the correct campout

Wed Dec 15, 1999
Website Started

Fri Jul 19, 2024
Attention Adult Leaders

Blessed Sacrament and JFK School must stay in compliance for the diocesan child protection policy by adult volunteers attending this free workshop. This is for adults over 18 who work with children in any capacity but does NOT need to be repeated if you have already taken it!! 

Anyone interested in this class is welcome to participate. Call the numbers listed to register please or preregister on line at! You will first set up a free personal account with VIRTUS! Call Brenda Antenucci in the parish office with any questions! The next local workshop is:

May 30, Holy Family Hall, Blessed Sacrament, Fingerprinting 6-6:30 pm, class: 6:00-8:30. 330-372-2215

Find other opportunities throughout the diocese at Look at the right side of the web page in the purple “box” and click on the safe environment link.

Please call by May 25 to indicate you need fingerprinting. Fingerpriting will only be available if 10 or more register. ($32, cash or check only. Bring Photo ID)